Binary package “cvsutils” in ubuntu kinetic

CVS utilities for use in working directories

 Several utilities which are used to facilitate working with the
 files in the working directory of a developer using CVS.
 The utilities included in this package are:
  + cvsu: Offline "cvs update" simulator. Lists the files found in
                the current directory (or in the directories which you
  + cvsco: "Cruel checkout". Removes results of compilation and
                discards local changes. Deletes all the files except
                listed unmodified ones and checks out everything which
                seems to be missing.
  + cvsdiscard: Discards local changes but keeps results of compilation.
                Works like "cvsco", but only deletes files which are
                likely to cause merge conflicts.
  + cvspurge: CVS-based "make maintainer-clean". Removes results of
                compilation but keeps local changes intact. Removes
                unknown files, but keeps changes in files known to CVS.
  + cvstrim: Removes files and directories unknown to CVS.
  + cvschroot: Makes it possible to change CVS/Root in all subdirectories
                to the given value.
  + cvsdo: Simulates some of the CVS commands (currently add, remove
                and diff) without any access to the CVS server.
  + cvsnotag: Reports untagged files.