Binary package “krb5-strength” in ubuntu kinetic

Password strength checking for Kerberos KDCs

 krb5-strength provides a password quality plugin for the MIT Kerberos KDC
 (specifically the kadmind server), an external password quality program
 for use with Heimdal, and a per-principal password history implementation
 for Heimdal. Passwords can be tested with CrackLib, checked against a
 CDB or SQLite database of known weak passwords with some transformations,
 checked for length, checked for non-printable or non-ASCII characters
 that may be difficult to enter reproducibly, required to contain
 particular character classes, or any combination of these tests.
 No dictionary is shipped with this package. A CrackLib dictionary can be
 created with the tools in cracklib-runtime, a CDB or SQLite database can
 be created from a password list (obtained separately) using the tools
 included in this package, or both.
 The recommended packages are needed to generate CDB or SQLite databases
 and for the password history implementation for Heimdal.