Binary package “mrb” in ubuntu kinetic

Manage incremental data snapshots with make/rsync

 mrb is a single, self-documenting, executable makefile, which aims to make
 trivial the task of maintaining a set of compact, incremental, rsync mirrors
 of your important (and sometimes rapidly changing) data.
 It relies only on the time-hardened industry tools GNU make and rsync.
 Snapshots may be taken at any opportune interval. Multiple snapshot targets
 can be configured in a modular fashion, so fast changing data can be separated
 from static bulk data, with snapshots of each scheduled or triggered on demand,
 as may be appropriate for each.
 This package also includes gitkeeper, which is a tool for easy bidirectional
 mirroring of 'installed' data files from a remote system to a local git
 repository. It doesn't actually require you to keep the local files in git,
 but if you do it supports restoring the remote system to any snapshot from
 the repository. Likewise it allows you to explicitly configure the owner and
 access permission that should be applied when pushing to the remote system
 since they are not preserved by the versions stored in git.
 To use gitkeeper you will need to install the suggested perl packages too.