Binary package “pkg-perl-tools” in ubuntu kinetic

collection of tools to aid packaging Perl modules in Debian

 The Debian Perl Group works on packaging Perl modules for Debian. This
 collection contains the tools which help the group with day-to-day work, like
 filing ITPs, forwarding bugs and patches upstream, taking over a package for
 the group, maintaining proper git repository structure and so on. These
 include dpt, bts-retitle, patchedit, and pristine-orig.
 Additionally it depends on, recommends or suggests separately
 packaged tools the Debian Perl Group uses.
 It also includes some Debian Perl Group specific lintian checks. Add
 "profile=pkg-perl" ("LINTIAN_PROFILE=pkg-perl" for lintian versions before
 2.79.0) to your ~/.lintianrc to use them after installing this package.