Binary package “topp” in ubuntu kinetic

set of programs implementing The OpenMS Proteomic Pipeline

 TOPP (the OpenMS proteomic pipeline) is a pipeline for the analysis
 of HPLC/MS data. It consists of a set of numerous small applications
 that can be chained together to create analysis pipelines tailored
 for a specific problem. The applications make use of the libopenms
 library. Some examples of these applications are :
   - TOPPView: A viewer for mass spectrometry data.
   - TOPPAS: An assistant for GUI-driven TOPP workflow design.
   - DTAExtractor: Extracts spectra of an MS run file to several
     files in DTA format.
   - FileConverter: Converts between different MS file formats.
   - FileFilter: Extracts or manipulates portions of data from peak,
     feature or consensus feature files.
   - SpectraMerger: Merges spectra from an LC/MS map, either by
     precursor or by RT blocks.
   - BaselineFilter: Removes the baseline from profile spectra using a
     top-hat filter.
   - InternalCalibration: Applies an internal calibration.
   - PTModel: Trains a model for the prediction of proteotypic
     peptides from a training set.
   - RTPredict: Predicts retention times for peptides using a model
     trained by RTModel.
   - ExecutePipeline: Executes workflows created by TOPPAS.