Binary package “wondershaper” in ubuntu kinetic

Easy to use traffic shaping script

 An easy to use traffic shaping script that provides these improvements:
  * Low latency for interactive traffic (and pings) at all times
  * Allow websurfing at reasonable speeds while uploading / downloading
  * Make sure uploads don't hurt downloads
  * Make sure downloads don't hurt uploads
 It does this by:
  * Limiting upload speed slightly, to eliminate queues
  * Limiting download speed, while allowing bursts, to eliminate queues
  * Interactive traffic skips the queue
  * ACKs and tiny packets skip the queue
 Configuring the wondershaper requires you to accurately and precisely
 determine your consistent upload and download speeds.
 The wondershaper is the simplest, easiest to use, entry level, traffic
 shaping script provided by Debian.
 After installing this package, read highly the detailed instructions: