gcc-10 source package in Kinetic

cpp-10: GNU C preprocessor
cpp-10-dbgsym: debug symbols for cpp-10
cpp-10-doc: No summary available for cpp-10-doc in ubuntu kinetic.
g++-10: No summary available for g++-10 in ubuntu kinetic.
g++-10-dbgsym: No summary available for g++-10-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
g++-10-multilib: GNU C++ compiler (multilib support)
gcc-10: GNU C compiler
gcc-10-base: GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
gcc-10-dbgsym: No summary available for gcc-10-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
gcc-10-doc: Documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++)
gcc-10-hppa64-linux-gnu: GNU C compiler (cross compiler for hppa64)
gcc-10-hppa64-linux-gnu-dbgsym: debug symbols for gcc-10-hppa64-linux-gnu
gcc-10-locales: GCC, the GNU compiler collection (native language support files)
gcc-10-multilib: No summary available for gcc-10-multilib in ubuntu kinetic.
gcc-10-offload-nvptx: GCC offloading compiler to NVPTX
gcc-10-offload-nvptx-dbgsym: debug symbols for gcc-10-offload-nvptx
gcc-10-plugin-dev: No summary available for gcc-10-plugin-dev in ubuntu kinetic.
gcc-10-plugin-dev-dbgsym: debug symbols for gcc-10-plugin-dev
gcc-10-source: Source of the GNU Compiler Collection
gcc-10-test-results: No summary available for gcc-10-test-results in ubuntu kinetic.
gccbrig-10: GNU BRIG (HSA IL) frontend
gccbrig-10-dbgsym: No summary available for gccbrig-10-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
gccgo-10: GNU Go compiler
gccgo-10-dbgsym: debug symbols for gccgo-10
gccgo-10-doc: No summary available for gccgo-10-doc in ubuntu kinetic.
gccgo-10-multilib: GNU Go compiler (multilib support)
gdc-10: No summary available for gdc-10 in ubuntu kinetic.
gdc-10-dbgsym: debug symbols for gdc-10
gdc-10-multilib: GNU D compiler (version 2, multilib support)
gfortran-10: GNU Fortran compiler
gfortran-10-dbgsym: debug symbols for gfortran-10
gfortran-10-doc: Documentation for the GNU Fortran compiler (gfortran)
gfortran-10-multilib: No summary available for gfortran-10-multilib in ubuntu kinetic.
gm2-10: GNU Modula-2 compiler
gm2-10-dbgsym: No summary available for gm2-10-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
gnat-10: GNU Ada compiler
gnat-10-dbgsym: debug symbols for gnat-10
gnat-10-doc: No summary available for gnat-10-doc in ubuntu kinetic.
gobjc++-10: GNU Objective-C++ compiler
gobjc++-10-dbgsym: No summary available for gobjc++-10-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
gobjc++-10-multilib: GNU Objective-C++ compiler (multilib support)
gobjc-10: No summary available for gobjc-10 in ubuntu kinetic.
gobjc-10-dbgsym: debug symbols for gobjc-10
gobjc-10-multilib: No summary available for gobjc-10-multilib in ubuntu kinetic.
lib32gcc-10-dev: No summary available for lib32gcc-10-dev in ubuntu kinetic.
lib32gfortran-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (32bit development files)
lib32go-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Go applications (32bit development files)
lib32go16: No summary available for lib32go16 in ubuntu kinetic.
lib32gphobos-10-dev: Phobos D standard library (32bit development files)
lib32gphobos1: No summary available for lib32gphobos1 in ubuntu kinetic.
lib32gphobos1-dbgsym: debug symbols for lib32gphobos1
lib32objc-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (32bit development files)
lib32stdc++-10-dev: GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
lib32stdc++6-10-dbg: GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (debug build)
lib64gcc-10-dev: GCC support library (64bit development files)
lib64gfortran-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (64bit development files)
lib64go-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Go applications (64bit development files)
lib64go16: No summary available for lib64go16 in ubuntu kinetic.
lib64gphobos-10-dev: Phobos D standard library (64bit development files)
lib64gphobos1: No summary available for lib64gphobos1 in ubuntu kinetic.
lib64gphobos1-dbgsym: debug symbols for lib64gphobos1
lib64objc-10-dev: No summary available for lib64objc-10-dev in ubuntu kinetic.
lib64stdc++-10-dev: GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
lib64stdc++6-10-dbg: No summary available for lib64stdc++6-10-dbg in ubuntu kinetic.
libgcc-10-dev: No summary available for libgcc-10-dev in ubuntu kinetic.
libgccjit-10-dev: GCC just-in-time compilation (development files)
libgccjit-10-doc: GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation)
libgfortran-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (development files)
libgm2-10-dev: GNU Modula-2 standard library
libgm2-15: GNU Modula-2 standard library (runtime library)
libgm2-15-dbgsym: No summary available for libgm2-15-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
libgnat-10: No summary available for libgnat-10 in ubuntu kinetic.
libgnat-10-dbgsym: No summary available for libgnat-10-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
libgnat-util10: GNU Ada compiler selected components (shared library)
libgnat-util10-dbgsym: No summary available for libgnat-util10-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
libgnat-util10-dev: GNU Ada compiler selected components (development files)
libgo-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Go applications (development files)
libgo16: No summary available for libgo16 in ubuntu kinetic.
libgomp-plugin-hsa1: No summary available for libgomp-plugin-hsa1 in ubuntu kinetic.
libgomp-plugin-hsa1-dbgsym: No summary available for libgomp-plugin-hsa1-dbgsym in ubuntu kinetic.
libgphobos-10-dev: Phobos D standard library
libgphobos1: No summary available for libgphobos1 in ubuntu kinetic.
libgphobos1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgphobos1
libhsail-rt-10-dev: HSAIL runtime library (development files)
libobjc-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications (development files)
libstdc++-10-dev: No summary available for libstdc++-10-dev in ubuntu kinetic.
libstdc++-10-doc: No summary available for libstdc++-10-doc in ubuntu kinetic.
libstdc++-10-pic: No summary available for libstdc++-10-pic in ubuntu kinetic.
libstdc++6-10-dbg: GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (debug build)
libx32gcc-10-dev: GCC support library (x32 development files)
libx32gfortran-10-dev: Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (x32 development files)
libx32go-10-dev: No summary available for libx32go-10-dev in ubuntu kinetic.
libx32go16: No summary available for libx32go16 in ubuntu kinetic.
libx32gphobos-10-dev: Phobos D standard library (x32 development files)
libx32gphobos1: No summary available for libx32gphobos1 in ubuntu kinetic.
libx32gphobos1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libx32gphobos1
libx32objc-10-dev: No summary available for libx32objc-10-dev in ubuntu kinetic.
libx32stdc++-10-dev: GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
libx32stdc++6-10-dbg: GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (debug build)

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The GNU Compiler Collection contains frontends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada as well as libraries for these languages.

Bug supervisor: no
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes
Translations: no

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