coop-computing-tools 9.9-2ubuntu3 (riscv64 binary) in ubuntu kinetic

 This is a collection of software that help users to share resources in a
 complex, heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment. This includes:
  * Chirp: A personal filesystem and I/O protocol that allows unprivileged users
    to share space securely, efficiently, and conveniently. When combined
    with Parrot, Chirp allows users to create custom wide-area
    distributed filesystems.
  * Parrot: A transparent user-level virtual filesystem that allows any ordinary
    program to be attached to a remote storage device such as an FTP
    server or a Chirp server.
  * Makeflow: A workflow system for parallel and distributed computing that uses
    a language very similar to Make.
  * Work Queue: A system and API for building master-worker style programs that
    scale up to thousands of processors.
  * All Pairs: A computational abstraction for running very large Cartesian
  * Wavefront: A computational abstraction for running very large dynamic
    programming problems.
  * The Fault Tolerant Shell: A high-level programming language that allows
    users to combine the ease of shell scripting, the power of distributed
    programming, and the precision of compiled languages. Basically,
    parallel programming and exception handling for scripts.


Package version:
cctools 9.9-2ubuntu3 source package in Ubuntu