Binary package “torrus-common” in ubuntu lucid

Universal front-end for Round-Robin Databases (common files)

 Core part of the Torrus suite, providing support files needed by the
 other Torrus packages. It is not meant to be installed directly.
 Instead, use torrus-apache2, which will install and configure Torrus for
 operation together with Apache 2.x web server.
 Torrus is designed to be a universal front-end framework for
 Round-Robin Databases using Tobias Oetiker's RRDtool. It may be configured
 to collect and monitor arbitrary data series from various data
 sources which can in turn be displayed on a web page served by the
 Apache web server.
 One of the traditional applications of this functionality is the collection
 and visualization of network information using the Simple Network Management
 Protocol (SNMP) from SNMP-enabled devices.
 Torrus has been formerly known as rrfw, round-robin database framework.