liblutok3 binary package in Ubuntu Lunar ppc64el

 Lutok provides thin C++ wrappers around the Lua C API to ease the
 interaction between C++ and Lua. These wrappers make intensive use of
 RAII to prevent resource leakage, expose C++-friendly data types, report
 errors by means of exceptions and ensure that the Lua stack is always
 left untouched in the face of errors. The library also provides a small
 subset of miscellaneous utility functions built on top of the wrappers.
 Lutok focuses on providing a clean and safe C++ interface; the drawback
 is that it is not suitable for performance-critical environments. In
 order to implement error-safe C++ wrappers on top of a Lua C binary
 library, Lutok adds several layers or abstraction and error checking
 that go against the original spirit of the Lua C API and thus degrade
 This package contains the linkable shared object.

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  2022-10-27 17:20:10 UTC Published Ubuntu Lunar ppc64el release universe libs Optional 0.4+dfsg-4build1
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