Binary package “budgie-desktop-view” in ubuntu noble

Desktop Icons for the Budgie-Desktop

 Budgie-Desktop is a GTK+ based desktop environment which focuses on
 simplicity and elegance. It provides a traditional desktop metaphor
 based interface utilising customisable panel based menu driven system.
 Budgie-Desktop is written from scratch utilising many GNOME based
 sub-systems such as GNOME-Session and Mutter.
 Budgie Desktop View provides:
    Options to enable and access "special" folders such as your Home directory
    and Trash.
    Showing active drive / volume mounts (including mounted removable media).
    An ordered list of Desktop directory contents, prioritizing folders before
    files while maintaining order of content that respects locales.
    Independently adjustable icon sizing from your file manager
    Right-click menu options for the background canvas to quickly access
    Budgie Desktop and System Settings, as well right-click menu options for
    opening a file using the default app, or via the Terminal.
 Budgie Desktop View is designed for the Budgie Desktop