sisu 3.0.14-1 (i386 binary) in ubuntu oneiric

 SiSU is a lightweight markup based, command line oriented, document
 structuring, publishing and search framework for document collections.
 With minimal preparation of a plain-text, (UTF-8) file, using its native
 markup syntax in your text editor of choice, SiSU can generate various
 document formats (most of which share a common object numbering system for
 locating content), including plain text, HTML, XHTML, XML, EPUB, OpenDocument
 text (ODF:ODT), LaTeX, PDF files, and populate an SQL database with objects
 (roughly paragraph-sized chunks) so searches may be performed and matches
 returned with that degree of granularity: your search criteria is met by these
 documents and at these locations within each document. Object numbering is
 particularly suitable for "published" works (finalized texts as opposed to
 works that are frequently changed or updated) for which it provides a fixed
 means of reference of content. Document outputs also share semantic meta-data
 SiSU also provides concordance files, document content certificates and
 manifests of generated output.
 A vim syntax highlighting file and an ftplugin with folds for sisu markup is
 provided, as are syntax highlighting files for kate, kwrite, gedit and
 diakonos. Vim 7 includes syntax highlighting for SiSU.
 man pages, and interactive help are provided.
 Dependencies for various features are taken care of in sisu related packages.
 The package sisu-complete installs the whole of SiSU.
 Additional document markup samples are provided in the package
 sisu-markup-samples which is found in the non-free archive the licenses for
 the substantive content of the marked up documents provided is that provided
 by the author or original publisher.


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sisu 3.0.14-1 source package in Ubuntu

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