Packages that need upstream packaging links

Links from distribution packages to upstream project series let distribution and upstream maintainers share bugs, patches, and translations efficiently.

The packages are listed by priority. Packages that greatest need to forward bugs, sync translations, or need the latest development branch are listed first. Can you help link these packages to registered Launchpad projects?

120 of 14456 packages
Source Package Bugs Translations
linux 5784 bugs No strings
mountall 95 bugs 120 strings
texlive-extra 60 bugs No strings
linux-ti-omap4 51 bugs No strings
libpam-mount 31 bugs No strings
bluedevil 15 bugs 241 strings
icoutils 6 bugs 399 strings
partitionmanager 2 bugs 463 strings
fltk1.1 2 bugs 415 strings
kubuntu-meta 22 bugs No strings
apt-cacher 21 bugs No strings
mime-support 21 bugs No strings
netbase 21 bugs No strings
system-config-kickstart 4 bugs 330 strings
userconfig 19 bugs 19 strings
at 19 bugs No strings
iproute 19 bugs No strings
xserver-xorg-input-keyboard 19 bugs No strings
esperanza 18 bugs No strings
xz-utils 11 bugs 137 strings
120 of 14456 packages