Binary package “arc” in ubuntu precise

Archive utility based on the MSDOS ARC program

 This program is based on the MSDOS ARC program, version 5.21, plus
 a few enhancements...
  o ARC also performs Huffman Squeezing on data. The Huffman Squeeze
    algorithm was removed from MSDOS ARC after version 5.12. It turns
    out to be more efficient than Lempel-Ziv style compression when
    compressing graphic images. Squeeze analysis is always done now,
    and the best of packing, squeezing, or crunching is used.
  o Compresses and extracts Squashed files. "Squashing" was created
    by Phil Katz in his PKxxx series of ARC utility programs for
    MSDOS. Dan Lanciani wrote the original modifications to ARC's
    Crunch code to handle Squashing. I've made minor changes since
    then, mostly to reduce the amount of memory required. The 'q'
    option flag must be specified to Squash files. The Squashing
    algorithm will be used instead of the usual Crunch algorithm,
    and will be compared against packing and squeezing, as before.