Binary package “etoys” in ubuntu precise

A media-rich model, simulation construction kit and authoring tool

 Squeak Etoys was inspired by LOGO, PARC-Smalltalk, Hypercard,
 and starLOGO. It is a media-rich authoring environment with a
 simple powerful scripted object model for many kinds of objects
 created by end-users that runs on many platforms, and is free
 and open source. It includes 2D and 3D graphics, images, text,
 particles, pres-entations, web-pages, videos, sound and MIDI, etc.
 It includes the ability to share desktops with other Etoy users
 in real-time, so many forms of immersive mentoring and play can
 be done over the Internet.
 This is the Squeak image developed for the OLPC project.