Binary package “tklib” in ubuntu precise

standard Tk Library

 Tklib, the standard Tk library, is a collection of common utility
 functions and widgets all written in pure Tcl/Tk.
 Modules included:
   autoscroll: automatically maps scrollbars when they are needed;
   canvas: provides a canvas with map background based on square tiles;
   chatwidget: a composite widget for chat applications;
   crosshair: provides commands to (de)activate and track crosshairs;
              on canvas widgets;
   ctext: a text widget with syntax highlighting support;
   cursor: provides a few cursor routines;
   datefield: an entry widget for the purpose of date entry;
   Diagrams: helps drawing diagrams, like flowcharts;
   getstring: a dialog which prompts for a string input;
   history: provides a history for mechanism for entry widgets;
   ico: provides functions for reading and writing windows icons;
   ipentry: a widget for the entering of an IP address;
   khim: provides key bindings for entering international
         characters on a keyboard that does not support them;
   ntext: provides alternative bindings for the Text widget;
   Plotchart: provides simple plotting and charting commands;
   style: provides simple theming using Tk options;
   swaplist: a dialog which allows one to move options between two lists;
   tablelist: a multicolumn listbox widget;
   tkpiechart: 2D or 3D pie chart object in a canvas;
   tooltip: provides tooltips for Tk widgets;
   widget: a set of megawidgets based on snit system.