Binary package “warmux-servers” in ubuntu precise

stand alone server and game index server for WarMUX

 WarMUX is a free game in the genre of "turn-based artillery games"
 like Scorched Earth or Worms.
 Several players can play together, either locally or over the network.
 It is also possible to compete against computer-driven teams.
 The teams are styled after the mascots of various free software projects.
 This package contains the stand alone server and the index server for
 WarMUX. You will need this package if you want to host a standalone
 WarMUX server or a WarMUX index server which can be always available
 for anyone who might want to play.
 Note that if you want to play a network game, this package is not
 absolutely necessary since any of the game players can host the game.
 If you want to play the game, you need to install the warmux package.