firefox source package in Precise

abrowser: No summary available for abrowser in ubuntu oneiric.
abrowser-branding: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - transitional package
firefox: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
firefox-branding: No summary available for firefox-branding in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-dbg: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - debug symbols
firefox-dev: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - development files
firefox-globalmenu: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla (transitional package)
firefox-gnome-support: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - GNOME support
firefox-gnome-support-dbg: No summary available for firefox-gnome-support-dbg in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-af: No summary available for firefox-locale-af in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ar: No summary available for firefox-locale-ar in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-as: Assamese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ast: Asturian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-be: No summary available for firefox-locale-be in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-bg: Bulgarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bn: No summary available for firefox-locale-bn in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-br: Breton language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bs: No summary available for firefox-locale-bs in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ca: No summary available for firefox-locale-ca in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-cs: Czech language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-cy: Welsh language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-da: No summary available for firefox-locale-da in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-de: German language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-el: No summary available for firefox-locale-el in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-en: English language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eo: Esperanto language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-es: No summary available for firefox-locale-es in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-et: Estonian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eu: Basque language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fa: Persian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fi: No summary available for firefox-locale-fi in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-fr: No summary available for firefox-locale-fr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-fy: No summary available for firefox-locale-fy in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ga: Irish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gd: No summary available for firefox-locale-gd in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-gl: No summary available for firefox-locale-gl in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-gu: Gujarati language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-he: No summary available for firefox-locale-he in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-hi: Hindi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hr: No summary available for firefox-locale-hr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-hu: Hungarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hy: No summary available for firefox-locale-hy in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-id: No summary available for firefox-locale-id in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-is: No summary available for firefox-locale-is in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-it: Italian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ja: No summary available for firefox-locale-ja in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ka: Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-kk: No summary available for firefox-locale-kk in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-kn: No summary available for firefox-locale-kn in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ko: Korean language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ku: No summary available for firefox-locale-ku in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-lg: No summary available for firefox-locale-lg in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-lt: No summary available for firefox-locale-lt in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-lv: Latvian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mai: Maithili language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mk: No summary available for firefox-locale-mk in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ml: Malayalam language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mn: No summary available for firefox-locale-mn in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-mr: No summary available for firefox-locale-mr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-nb: Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nl: Dutch; Flemish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nn: Norwegian Nynorsk; Nynorsk, Norwegian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nso: Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-oc: No summary available for firefox-locale-oc in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-or: Oriya language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pa: No summary available for firefox-locale-pa in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-pl: No summary available for firefox-locale-pl in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-pt: Portuguese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ro: No summary available for firefox-locale-ro in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ru: Russian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-si: Sinhala; Sinhalese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sk: No summary available for firefox-locale-sk in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sl: No summary available for firefox-locale-sl in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sq: No summary available for firefox-locale-sq in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sr: No summary available for firefox-locale-sr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sv: No summary available for firefox-locale-sv in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sw: No summary available for firefox-locale-sw in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ta: Tamil language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-te: No summary available for firefox-locale-te in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-th: Thai language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-tr: No summary available for firefox-locale-tr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-uk: Ukrainian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-vi: No summary available for firefox-locale-vi in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-zh-hans: Simplified Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zh-hant: Traditional Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zu: No summary available for firefox-locale-zu in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-mozsymbols: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - Breakpad symbols

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MozillaMozilla Firefoxtrunk

Firefox is's premier Web browser. Firefox is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and many different languages. It's small, fast, easy to use, and has hundreds of themes and extensions available to make the browser even more powerful. Firefox is a quick download, 7.7MB on Windows, about 20 minutes with a dial-up connection, less than a minute with broadband speeds.

Bug supervisor: yes
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes

There are no registered releases for the Mozilla Firefox ⇒ trunk.

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firefox_48.0+build2.orig.tar.bz2 241.5 MiB c3683ef6f99f73dc47543e9487151734fb2c3924969d0cc4237b6c54d87812fb
firefox_48.0+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1.debian.tar.xz 216.0 KiB 364fc21da1a87da80183c2e329ab319db19033f0053dee68961e611753d3df87
firefox_48.0+build2-0ubuntu0.12.04.1.dsc 8.0 KiB 6b0d009424ceadea1be20a8aca6e9b7db36f999a30111eef984de8414b2bd1a7

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