“nss-mdns” 0.10-3.2 source package in The Precise Pangolin

Publishing history

PUBLISHED: Precise pocket Release in component main and section admin
  • Published on 2011-10-15
  • Copied from debian sid in Primary Archive for Debian GNU/Linux by Martin Pitt


nss-mdns (0.10-3.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * NMU.
  * Drop perl dependancy, only perl-base is needed.
    (Closes: #580394, #603581)
  * Include a patch that fixes unaligned access on successful lookups on
    interesting 64-bit systems. (Closes: #521184)

 -- Steve Kowalik <email address hidden>  Sat, 10 Sep 2011 17:04:29 +1000

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