Binary package “eekboek” in ubuntu trusty

Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses

 EekBoek is a bookkeeping package for Dutch users; it creates reports such as
 a balance sheet ("Balans"), a general journal ("Journaal"), a general
 ledger ("Grootboek") and a VAT report ("BTW-aangifte").
 Unlike other accounting software, EekBoek has a command-line interface: The
 EekBoek Shell (with tab completion). It uses a database as back end: either
 PostgreSQL (using the eekboek-db-postgresql package) or SQLite.
 Interoperability is a key feature of EekBoek: editable text dumps of all your
 data are possible at any time. EekBoek can generate an "XML Auditfile
 Financieel" (XAF) as used by Dutch tax office. Furthermore, it has a
 complete Perl API to create your own custom applications.
 The EekBoek documentation is available in Dutch only.
 If you'd like to use EekBoek with a PostgreSQL back end (instead of the
 default SQLite), install the package eekboek-db-postgresql.
 If you'd like to use the Eekboek GUI, install the suggested package