Binary package “garmin-forerunner-tools” in ubuntu trusty

retrieve data from Garmin Forerunner/Edge GPS devices

 This package contains command-line tools to retrieve data from GPS
 devices from the Garmin Forerunner series (these are
 wristwatch-like devices that allow you to register your exact
 itinerary when doing outdoor sports) or the Garmin Edge series (the
 same for cycling computers). It works with the Forerunner 205 and 305
 models and with the Edge 305 model, and possibly others. Track data
 can be translated into an XML format and into gpx, and into a
 polyline format for use with Google maps.
 In contrast to the gpsbabel software, this software also downloads
 data specific to usage in sports like maximal speed, lap summary,
 calorie consumption, etc.