Binary package “libghc-xmlhtml-doc” in ubuntu trusty

XML parser and renderer with HTML 5 quirks mode; documentation

 Contains renderers and parsers for both XML and HTML 5 document
 fragments, which share data structures so that it's easy to work with
 both. Document fragments are bits of documents, which are not
 constrained by some of the high-level structure rules (in particular,
 they may contain more than one root element).
 Note that this is not a compliant HTML 5 parser. Rather, it is a
 parser for HTML 5 compliant documents. It does not implement the HTML
 5 parsing algorithm, and should generally be expected to perform
 correctly only on documents that you trust to conform to HTML 5. This
 is not a suitable library for implementing web crawlers or other
 software that will be exposed to documents from outside sources. The
 result is also not the HTML 5 node structure, but rather something
 closer to the physical structure. For example, omitted start tags are
 not inserted (and so, their corresponding end tags must also be
 This package provides the documentation for a library for the Haskell
 programming language.
 See for more information on Haskell.