Binary package “luatex” in ubuntu trusty

next generation TeX engine

 LuaTeX uses Lua scripting both as an extension to the TeX
 macro language and as an extension to the typesetting
 engine itself. A (growing) number of TeX internals are
 made available to the embedded lua interpreter.
 LuaTeX uses code and interfaces from Aleph to improve the
 typesetting of non-latin alphabet languages, instead of
 the TeXXeT code present in the current releases of pdfTeX.
 Unicode and OpenType font support are added progressively,
 and regular pdfTeX development will continue in this
 branch as well.
 The multi-lingual extensions are coded and merged by Taco
 Hoekwater. Swift progress in that area is made possible
 by a joint grant from Colorado State University and TUG,
 under the 'Oriental TeX' project.
 This package only contains the barebone binary. If you are
 searching for support file, formats etc install texlive-luatex.