Binary package “mame-tools” in ubuntu trusty

Tools for MAME and MESS

 MAME is a hardware emulator: it faithfully reproduces the behavior of many
 arcade machines (it is not a simulation).
 MESS is an emulator for various consoles and computing systems, sharing a
 lot of codebase with the MAME project.
 This package provides tools to be used with MAME and MESS. It currently
  castool -- generic cassette manipulation tool for MESS
  chdman -- MAME Compressed Hunks of Data CHD manager
  imgtool -- generic image manipulation tool for MESS
  jedutil -- binary to/from JEDEC file converter
  ldresample -- Laserdisc audio synchronizer and resampler
  ldverify -- Laserdisc AVI/CHD verifier
  romcmp -- ROM comparison utility program
  testkeys -- keyboard code viewer