Binary package “youtube-dl” in ubuntu trusty

downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites

 youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from and other sites that don't provide direct links to the
 videos served.
 youtube-dl allows the user, among other things, to choose a specific video
 quality to download (if available) or let the program automatically
 determine the best (or worst) quality video to grab. It supports
 downloading entire playlists and all videos from a given user.
 Currently supported sites (or features of sites) are:
 .,, 3sat, 4tube,, 8tracks, 9gag, AcademicEarth:Course,
 AddAnime,, Aparat, AppleTrailers, videos, ARD,,,,,,
 AUEngine, bambuser, bambuser:channel, Bandcamp, Bandcamp:album, BBC iPlayer,
 blinkx,, BlipTV, Bloomberg, Break, Brightcove,,, CBS, Channel 9, Chilloutzone, Cinemassacre, clipfish,
 cliphunter, Clipsyndicate,, CNN, CNNBlogs, CollegeHumor,
 ComedyCentral, The Daily Show / Colbert Report, Condé Nast media group: GQ,
 Glamour, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W Magazine, WIRED, Criterion, Crunchyroll,
 C-SPAN,,, dailymotion,
 dailymotion:playlist, dailymotion:user,,,
 DepositFiles, Discovery, Dotsub, Dropbox, EbaumsWorld, eHow,, El
 País, Escapist, EveryonesMixtape,, ExtremeTube, facebook,,,,, Видеоархив -
 Первый канал, Flickr,, FranceInter, France 2, 3,
 4, 5 and Ô,, Freesound,, FunnyOrDie,
 Gamekings, GameSpot, Gametrailers, Generic downloader that works on some
 sites, Hark,, HotNewHipHop, Howcast, Huffington Post, Hypem,, Internet Movie Database trailers, Internet Movie Database lists,
 Ina, InfoQ, Instagram, InternetVideoArchive, IPrima,,
 compilations, JadoreCettePub, JeuxVideo,, Jukebox,,
 Kankan, keek, KeezMovies, KhanAcademy, KickStarter, - Труба
 зовёт,, LIFE | NEWS, LiveLeak, livestream, livestream:original, videos, online courses, m6, MacGameStore trailers,
 Malemotion, MDR, metacafe, Metacritic, mixcloud, Mofosex,,
 MPORA, MTV,,, MySpace, MySpass, myvideo, Naver, NBA,
 NBCNews, - Mediathek, NDTV, Newgrounds, National Film Board of
 Canada,, NHL videocenter category, ニコニコ動画, Normalboots,
 Novamov, Nowness, NowVideo, Ooyala, ORF, PBS, photobucket, Google Plus,, podomatic, PornHd, PornHub, Pornotube, Pyvideo,
 radiofrance, RBMARadio, RedTube, RingTV, RottenTomatoes, Roxwel, RTLnow,
 Rutube videos, Rutube channels, Rutube movies, Rutube person videos, Yahoo
 screen search (Example: "yvsearchall:purple fish" ), ServingSys, Sina,
 Slashdot, Slideshare,, broadcasts,
 community videos, user videos, Sohu, soundcloud, soundcloud:set,
 soundcloud:user,,, Space, Spankwire,
 Spiegel, Spike, Stanford Open ClassRoom, Statigram, Steam,,
 StreamCZ, Syfy, SztvHu, Teamcoco, TechTalks,, TED, TF1,
 ThePlatform, ThisAV, videos,, Trilulilu, Tube8, Tudou,
 Tumblr, Tutv,, Unistra, ustream, ustream:channel, Vbox7, VeeHD, Veoh,
 Вести.Ru, Vevo, Vice, Viddler, Google Video search (Example:
 "gvsearch5:falling cat" ),, VideoDetective,,
 VideoPremium, viki, vimeo, vimeo:album, vimeo:channel, vimeo:group, Review
 pages on vimeo, vimeo:user, Vine,,,, Weibo, Wimp,
 Wistia, WorldStarHipHop, XHamster, XNXX, XTube, XVideos, Yahoo screen, Yahoo
 screen, YouJizz, Youku, YouPorn,, channels, favourite videos, "ytfav" keyword (requires authentication),
 Youtube watch history, "ythistory" keyword (requires authentication), playlists, recommended videos, "ytrec" keyword
 (requires authentication), searches (Example:
 "ytsearch10:running tortoise" ), searches, newest videos first
 (Example: "ytsearchdateall:falling cat" ), (multi-season) shows, subscriptions feed, "ytsubs" keyword(requires authentication), top lists, "yttoplist:{channel}:{list title}" (Example:
 "yttoplist:music:Top Tracks"), user videos (URL or "ytuser"
 keyword), Youtube watch later list, "ytwatchlater" keyword (requires
 authentication), ZDF.