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 The Derby tools and utilities are a set of routines supplied with Derby
 that are typically used to create, inspect, and update a Derby database.
 These tools and utilities include:
  * NetworkServerControl, provides the ability to start a Network Server or
    connect to a running Network Server to shutdown, configure or retrieve
    diagnostic information.
  * ij, the Derby's interactive JDBC scripting tool. It is a simple utility
    for running scripts against a Derby database. You can also use it
    interactively to run ad hoc queries. ij provides several commands for ease
    in accessing a variety of JDBC features.
    ij can be used in an embedded or a client/server environment.
  * sysinfo, provides information about your version of Derby and your
  * dblook, the Derby's Data Definition Language (DDL) Generation Utility,
    more informally called a schema dump tool. It is a simple utility that
    dumps the DDL of a user-specified database to either a console or a file.
    The generated DDL can then be used for such things as recreating all or
    parts of a database, viewing a subset of a database's objects (for example,
    those which pertain to specific tables and schemas), or documenting
    a database's schema.
  * SignatureChecker, a tool that identifies any SQL functions and procedures
    in a database that do not follow the SQL Standard argument matching rules.
  * PlanExporter, a tool to export query plan data for further analysis.


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