Binary package “gatos” in ubuntu xenial

ATI All-in-Wonder TV capture software

 The General ATI TV and Overlay Software (GATOS) suite for
 capturing video. This package does not require kernel
 patches, and includes:
   * xatitv: GUI TV-in-a-window application
        GUI access to all GATOS functionality, save tv-out.
   * atitv: Simple text-mode program
        Basic functionality to record video and toggle tv-out.
   * atitoppm:
   * atitogif:
   * atitojpg:
        YUV conversion utilities
   * yuvsum: video field to frame converter
        Averages all images in gatos.yuv (must all
        be same size).
   * atisplit: YUV conversion to ucbmpeg
        This splits the output file for MPEG encoding.
  This software is not intended to support most recent ATI AIW Radeon