Binary package “golly” in ubuntu xenial

Game of Life simulator using hashlife algorithm

 Golly simulates Conway's Game of Life with an arbitrarily large grid
 of cells. It can optionally use a hashlife algorithm, which allows
 it to rapidly compute generations for huge patterns, and to compute
 many generations into the future at a time.
 Golly provides a graphical interface for viewing and editing cellular
 automata. It supports copy and paste, zoom, auto-fit, multiple
 layers, and viewing different areas of a pattern simultaneously in
 different areas of a window.
 Golly can load patterns from RLE, Life 1.05/1.06, dblife, and
 macrocell file formats; it can also interpret images as Life
 patterns. Golly provides integrated help, including a copy of the
 Life Lexicon.
 Golly also supports other rules for 2D cellular automata with an
 8-cell neighborhood, and supports 1D cellular automata.