Binary package “inputattach” in ubuntu xenial

utility to connect serial-attached peripherals to the input subsystem

 inputattach connects legacy serial-attached input peripherals to the input
 subsystem: keyboards, mice, joysticks, touch-screens...
 Amongst other things this allows legacy mice to be accessed via the
 /dev/input/mice multiplexer.
 Supported devices include:
  * Serial-attached keyboards including the Apple Newton keyboard, DEC LK201
    / LK401 keyboards, the Stowaway keyboard, Sun type 4 and 5 keyboards,
    standard PS/2 keyboards with a serial adapter
  * Serial mice using Genius, Logitech, Microsoft or Mouse Systems protocols
  * Serial-attached touchscreens including those manufactured by 3M, ELO,
    Fujitsu, Penmount, Touchright, Touchwindow
  * Serial-attached joysticks including I-Force, SpaceBall, SpaceOrb, Gravis
    Stinger, WingMan Warrior
  * The Handykey Twiddler used as a joystick or a chording keyboard