Binary package “libboost-python-dev” in ubuntu xenial

Boost.Python Library development files (default version)

 This package forms part of the Boost C++ Libraries collection.
 The Boost Python Library is used to quickly and easily export a C++
 library to Python such that the Python interface is very similar to
 the C++ interface. It is designed to be minimally intrusive on your
 C++ design. In most cases, you should not have to alter your C++
 classes in any way in order to use them with Boost.Python. The
 system should simply "reflect" your C++ classes and functions into
 Python. The major features of Boost.Python include support for:
 Subclassing extension types in Python, Overriding virtual functions
 in Python, Member function Overloading, Automatic wrapping of
 numeric operators among others.
 This package also contains the pyste Boost.Python code generator that
 allows the user to specify classes and functions to be exported using
 a simple interface file, which following the Boost.Python's
 philosophy, is simple Python code.
 This package allows development of a Python interface for all current
 versions of Python in Debian. Code using this library will need also
 one of the Python development packages.
 This package is a dependency package, which depends on Debian's default
 Boost version (currently 1.58).