Binary package “pymca” in ubuntu xenial

Python applications and toolkit for X-ray fluorescence analysis

 PyMca is set of applications and Python libraries for analysis of
 X-ray fluorescence spectra.
 The applications included in this package are:
  * edfviewer - Display and inspection of data files in ESRF Data Format
  * elementsinfo - Displays element specific X-ray data
  * mca2edf - Converts files from SPEC MCA format to EDF
  * peakidentifier - Displays X-ray fluorescence peaks in a given energy range
  * pymcabatch - Batch fitting of spectra
  * pymcapostbatch - Post-processing of batch fitting results
  * pymca - Interactive data-analysis
  * pymcaroitool - Region-of-interest (ROI) imaging tool
 The PyMca toolkit can read data files in SPEC, ESRF data file (EDF),
 OMNIC, HDF5, AIFIRA and SupaVisio formats.