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erlang: Concurrent, real-time, distributed functional language
erlang-asn1: No summary available for erlang-asn1 in ubuntu wily.
erlang-asn1-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-asn1-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-base: Erlang/OTP virtual machine and base applications
erlang-base-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-base-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-base-hipe: Erlang/OTP HiPE enabled virtual machine and base applications
erlang-base-hipe-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-base-hipe
erlang-common-test: Erlang/OTP application for automated testing
erlang-common-test-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-common-test
erlang-corba: Erlang/OTP applications for CORBA support
erlang-corba-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-corba-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-crypto: No summary available for erlang-crypto in ubuntu wily.
erlang-crypto-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-crypto-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-dbg: No summary available for erlang-dbg in ubuntu wily.
erlang-debugger: No summary available for erlang-debugger in ubuntu wily.
erlang-debugger-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-debugger
erlang-dev: No summary available for erlang-dev in ubuntu wily.
erlang-dev-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-dev-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-dialyzer: No summary available for erlang-dialyzer in ubuntu wily.
erlang-dialyzer-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-dialyzer
erlang-diameter: No summary available for erlang-diameter in ubuntu wily.
erlang-diameter-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-diameter-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-doc: Erlang/OTP HTML/PDF documentation
erlang-edoc: No summary available for erlang-edoc in ubuntu wily.
erlang-edoc-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-edoc-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-eldap: Erlang/OTP LDAP library
erlang-eldap-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-eldap-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-erl-docgen: No summary available for erlang-erl-docgen in ubuntu wily.
erlang-erl-docgen-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-erl-docgen-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-et: Erlang/OTP event tracer application
erlang-et-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-et-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-eunit: Erlang/OTP module for unit testing
erlang-eunit-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-eunit
erlang-examples: No summary available for erlang-examples in ubuntu wily.
erlang-gs: Erlang/OTP graphics system
erlang-gs-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-gs-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-ic: Erlang/OTP IDL compiler
erlang-ic-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-ic-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-ic-java: No summary available for erlang-ic-java in ubuntu wily.
erlang-inets: No summary available for erlang-inets in ubuntu wily.
erlang-inets-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-inets-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-jinterface: No summary available for erlang-jinterface in ubuntu wily.
erlang-manpages: Erlang/OTP manual pages
erlang-megaco: No summary available for erlang-megaco in ubuntu wily.
erlang-megaco-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-megaco-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-mnesia: Erlang/OTP distributed relational/object hybrid database
erlang-mnesia-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-mnesia-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-mode: Erlang major editing mode for Emacs
erlang-nox: Erlang/OTP applications that don't require X Window System
erlang-observer: No summary available for erlang-observer in ubuntu wily.
erlang-observer-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-observer
erlang-odbc: No summary available for erlang-odbc in ubuntu wily.
erlang-odbc-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-odbc-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-os-mon: Erlang/OTP operating system monitor
erlang-os-mon-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-os-mon
erlang-parsetools: Erlang/OTP parsing tools
erlang-parsetools-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-parsetools-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-percept: No summary available for erlang-percept in ubuntu wily.
erlang-percept-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-percept-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-public-key: Erlang/OTP public key infrastructure
erlang-public-key-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-public-key-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-reltool: No summary available for erlang-reltool in ubuntu wily.
erlang-reltool-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-reltool-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-runtime-tools: No summary available for erlang-runtime-tools in ubuntu wily.
erlang-runtime-tools-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-runtime-tools-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-snmp: No summary available for erlang-snmp in ubuntu wily.
erlang-snmp-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-snmp
erlang-src: Erlang/OTP applications sources
erlang-ssh: Erlang/OTP implementation of SSH protocol
erlang-ssh-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-ssh-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-ssl: Erlang/OTP implementation of SSL
erlang-ssl-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-ssl
erlang-syntax-tools: Erlang/OTP modules for handling abstract Erlang syntax trees
erlang-syntax-tools-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-syntax-tools
erlang-test-server: No summary available for erlang-test-server in ubuntu wily.
erlang-test-server-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-test-server-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-tools: No summary available for erlang-tools in ubuntu wily.
erlang-tools-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-tools-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-typer: Erlang/OTP code type annotator
erlang-typer-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-typer-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
erlang-webtool: No summary available for erlang-webtool in ubuntu wily.
erlang-webtool-dbgsym: debug symbols for package erlang-webtool
erlang-x11: No summary available for erlang-x11 in ubuntu wily.
erlang-xmerl: Erlang/OTP XML tools
erlang-xmerl-dbgsym: No summary available for erlang-xmerl-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.

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Erlang is a programming language used to build massively scalable soft real-time systems with requirements on high availability. Some of its uses are in telecom, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony and instant messaging. Erlang's runtime system has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

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erlang_18.3-dfsg.orig.tar.xz 25.6 MiB bd2c9f6d463e26dda8656b4ac7d84280a9194e654b41311eaf3900bd163aead7
erlang_18.3-dfsg-1ubuntu3.1.debian.tar.xz 64.0 KiB 564df7d765cf78c4aa27cce45c4128e3ccf97656a1d5a86f6642371871c1eaeb
erlang_18.3-dfsg-1ubuntu3.1.dsc 5.5 KiB b063fe1b071e2bb31f7de1aebc561dc56797e77614106e0d388e91518e1f0bfd

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