ubuntutitle 002.000 "LoCos will love this!"

The re-released Ubuntu-title font with sources and metadata to reflect the move to OFL 1.1 and GPL2 + font exception. This release also includes trademark guidelines and a fixed subfamily name.

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LoCos will love this!
Nicolas Spalinger
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Release notes 

Ubuntu-title is a font designed by Andrew Fitzsimon commissioned by Canonical, the sponsor of Ubuntu, to create the lettering of the Ubuntu logo.

Anyone can make their own modified version of Ubuntu-title (using a different name), but the Ubuntu fonts team will continue to maintain and develop the
Ubuntu-title font and provide an environment to facilitate collaborative open font design to extend the Unicode coverage, the features and the weights of
this font so that it can be used by the Ubuntu community and the FLOSS community at large. So we warmly welcome your feedback and contributions.

See the Launchpad.net project for the current trunk and the various branches:

You are welcome to use the Ubuntu-title font but if you are making logos for software products, you should be mindful of Ubuntu's trademarks: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy


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- New licensing to enable wider community participation (OFL and GPL + font exception)
- Hosting of the project (including source files) on Launchpad.net (Thanks to Arne Goetje!)

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