Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
ugr-seeds 1.0.1 andromeda 2011-11-01 not yet released Bugfix of 1.0.0
ugr-seeds 1.0.0 "Andromeda" andromeda 2011-10-13 not yet released Stable, full, complete, and usable 1.0 release. Will only be released when e...
ugr-seeds 0.4.1 "Alphard" hydra 2011-09-14 not yet released Bugfix of 0.4.0
ugr-seeds 0.4.0 "Hydra" hydra 2011-09-10 not yet released Oneiric beta shakedown release
ugr-seeds 1.0.0-rc andromeda 2011-08-01 not yet released Release candidate for 1.0. Will be uploaded to the universe REVU by this dat...
ugr-seeds 0.3.0 "Centaurus" constellation 2011-06-20 Added features and cleaner implementation
ugr-seeds 0.2.0 "satellite" constellation 2011-05-28 Beta release
ugr-seeds 0.1.1 "nebula" constellation 2011-05-12 Bugfix of 0.1.0
ugr-seeds 0.1.0 "constellation" constellation 2011-05-08 More practical, usable, stable, and complete system.
ugr-seeds 0.0.2 "Cosmic" supernatural 2011-04-28 Bugfix. Only major bugs fixed.
ugr-seeds 0.0.1 "Supernatural" supernatural 2011-04-09 Initial alpha Initial demonstration, with only the minimum parts to make thin...