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developpment moving to github

Written for ultimate-smash-friends by tshirtman on 2011-11-01

yeah, that's right, as i found it was possible to transform a bzr repo into a git one, and that launchpad could track a git branch, i imported everything on github, and told launchpad to track it into the github-track branch, so we can use that to build packages.

I don't have much time currently to work on the project, but i find the github interface way easier to use, and that remove the need to manage accounts and team and that, just fork it and do pull requests, i guess that will bring some contributions.

bugs and maybe documentation will be imported into the new system when possible, but there is just not that much of that anyway.

I hope to see interrested people at :)

0.1.6 out!

Written for ultimate-smash-friends by tshirtman on 2011-05-08

The ultimate-smash-friends developpement team is happy to announce a new version of the projet, comming with lots of improvements :), and, at last, what did not happend in a long time a new synchrinized version between all the supported plateforms (Linux/Windows/MacOsX).

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