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download icon veracrypt-1.21-raspbian-setup.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) VeraCrypt 1.21 installer for Raspbian (Raspberry Pi ARMv7) 18,538
last downloaded today
download icon VeraCrypt_1.21_Bundle.7z.checksums (md5) SHA256/SHA512 sums of VeraCrypt 1.21 Bundle 4,085
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon VeraCrypt_1.21_Bundle.7z (md5, sig) VeraCrypt 1.21 Bundle (All files and their signatures) 12,395
last downloaded 8 days ago
download icon (md5, sig) VeraCrypt 1.21 Debug Symbols for Windows 167
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon VeraCrypt Setup 1.21.exe (md5, sig) VeraCrypt Windows Setup 1.21 856,359
last downloaded today
download icon VeraCrypt_1.21.dmg (md5, sig) VeraCrypt MacOSX Setup 1.21 101,477
last downloaded 3 days ago
download icon veracrypt-1.21-freebsd-setup.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) VeraCrypt FreeBSD Setup 1.21 4,619
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon veracrypt-1.21-setup.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) VeraCrypt Linux Setup 1.21 188,154
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon VeraCrypt User Guide.chm (md5, sig) VeraCrypt 1.21 user Guide 24,055
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon (md5, sig) VeraCrypt 1.21 Source (Windows Format) 15,263
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon VeraCrypt_1.21_Source.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) VeraCrypt 1.21 Source (UNIX Format) 7,296
last downloaded 6 days ago
download icon README.TXT (md5) VeraCrypt 1.21 Readme 14,529
last downloaded 10 days ago
download icon veracrypt-1.21-sha512sum.txt (md5) SHA512 sums for VeraCrypt 1.21 release files 9,755
last downloaded 12 days ago
download icon veracrypt-1.21-sha256sum.txt (md5) SHA256 sums for VeraCrypt 1.21 release files 14,160
last downloaded 13 days ago
download icon (md5, sig) VeraCrypt DCS EFI Bootloader 1.21 Source (LGPL) 3,201
last downloaded 9 days ago
Total downloads: 1,274,053

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Changes between 1.20 and 1.21 (9 July 2017) :
  - All OSes:
     * Fix 1.20 regression crash when running on CPU not supporting extended features.
     * Fix 1.20 regression that caused PIM value stored in favorites to be ignored during mount.
  * Fix 1.20 regression that causes system favorites not to mount in some cases.
     * Fix some cases of "Parameter Incorrect" error during EFI system encryption wizard.
  * Install PDF documents related to EFI system encryption configuration for advanced users;
    - disk_encryption_v1_2.pdf related to EFI hidden OS and full fisk encryption
    - dcs_tpm_owner_02.pdf related to TPM configuration for EFI system encryption.
     * Add support for building on FreeBSD.

Changes between 1.19 and 1.20 (29 June 2017) :

  - All OSes:
     * Use 64-bit optimized assembly implementation of Twofish and Camellia by Jussi Kivilinna.
       - Camellia 2.5 faster when AES-NI supported by CPU. 30% faster without it.
     * Use optimized implementation for SHA-512/SHA256.
       - 33% speedup on 64-bit systems.
     * Deploy local HTML documentation instead of User Guide PDF.
     * Change links in UI from ones on Codeplex to ones hosted at
     * Security: build binaries with support for Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).

  - Windows:
     * Several fixes and modifications for EFI System Encryption:
       - Fix bug in decryption using EFI Rescue Disk
    - Add support for TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0 (experimental) through DCS low level configuration.
    - Add Support for EFI full disk encryption and hidden OS using manual procedure (not exposed in UI).
     * Enable using Secure Desktop for password entry. Add preferences option and
       command line switch (/secureDesktop) to activate it.
     * Use default mount parameters when mounting multiple favorites with password caching.
     * Enable specifying PRF and TrueCryptMode for favorites.
     * Preliminary driver changes to support EFI hidden OS functionality.
     * Fix Streebog not recognized by /hash command line.
     * Add support for ReFS filesystem on Windows 10 when creating normal volumes
     * Fix high CPU usage when favorite configured to mount with VolumeID on arrival.
     * Use CHM file for User Guide instead of PDF.
     * Fix false warning in case of EFI system encryption about Windows not installed on boot drive.
     * Enhancements to driver handling of various disk IOCTL.
     * Enhancements to EFI bootloader. Add possibility to manually edit EFI configuration file.
     * Driver Security: Use enhanced protection of NX pool under Windows 8 and later.
     * Reduce performance impact of internal check for disconnected network drives.
     * Minor fixes.

  - MacOSX:
     * OSX 10.7 or newer is required to run VeraCrypt.
     * Make VeraCrypt default handler of .hc & .tc files.
     * Add custom VeraCrypt icon to .hc and .tc files in Finder.
     * Check TrueCryptMode in password dialog when opening container file with .tc extension.

  - Linux:
     * Check TrueCryptMode in password dialog when opening container file with .tc extension.
     * Fix executable stack in resulting binary which was caused by crypto assembly files missing the GNU-stack note.

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