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download icon widelands-build15-win32-gcc.exe (md5, sig) Windows 32 installer (GCC build). Use the other one only if this one gives you trouble. 29,886
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build15-src.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Source package 2,861
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build15-win32.exe (md5, sig) Windows 32 installer (requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)) 15,248
last downloaded today
download icon widelands-build15-mac-universal.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X >= 10.5, universal binary 6,119
last downloaded 11 days ago
download icon widelands-build15-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Linux 64 bit, statically linked 1,383
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
download icon widelands-build15-linux-x86.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Linux 32 bit, statically linked 11,123
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
Total downloads: 66,620

Release notes 

The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of build 15 of Widelands. Widelands is a free, cross-platform strategy game in which players control the fate of a small tribe that can grow into a big empire, in a style of play that is unique in the open source world. Please visit our homepage http://www.widelands.org/ to learn more.

Widelands underwent some organisational changes: SourceForge recently enforced certain US rules upon their projects which defies the idea and spirit of Open Source Software. The widelands team was therefore forced to move to another provider. See our news post [1] for more information about our move. Our choice felt on launchpad.net and widelands is now developed and can be reached under [2]. This move includes bug trackers, code hosting and downloads. We benefited from this move also from a technical perspective. For example, everybody with a launchpad.net account or OpenID can now translate widelands into other languages. If you want to help with this undertaking, please to so at [3].

[1] http://wl.widelands.org/news/2010/02/11/what-we-are/
[2] http://launchpad.net/widelands
[3] http://translations.launchpad.net/widelands

Some of the highlights of this build are:
   * Second carriers on busy roads: donkeys, oxen and horses.
   * Scouts that can reveal a big area around their house
   * Zoom inside the mini map
   * A new scenario part to the "The green plateau"
   * Statistics will now show the reason why a building is not producing anything
   * Random maps will now contain resources, immovables and critters.
   * Improvements to the messaging system
   * new sounds
   * new music
   * new graphics

As usual, there have been many more improvements to the usability and performance, as well as numerous game-play improvements and bug-fixes.

Widelands uses SDL as graphics and input library and is currently available for Linux/x86, Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X (Intel) and in source code. Both binary and source packages are available from http://launchpad.net/widelands/build15/build15

Simply download the binary package for your operating system and run the widelands executable! If your operating system is not supported, download a source package and try to compile it for yourself. See the homepage for the libraries you need to have installed.

If you like what you see, please visit our homepage, http://www.widelands.org/ You may also want to check the forums and our IRC channel, #widelands on Freenode, to arrange multiplayer games with other players.

We especially welcome every helping hand, even if you just want to contribute by helping us find bugs. Also translators for all languages are always needed. If you want to get even more involved in the further development of Widelands, you can subscribe to widelands-public@lists.sf.net on http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/widelands-public to keep up with development on a daily basis.


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### Build 15
### Build 15 rc2
- Removed registering functionality for metaserver. This is to be compatible
  with future changes to the metaserver.
- Small text tweaks and translation updates.
- New graphics for some buildings and menu pics.
- Fix for Multiline Editboxes that could lead the Editor to crash.
- Scout runs a little longer to make it more useful.
- Fixed descyns happening when a scout left his house in network games.
- Healthy soldiers defend while injured ones heal at MilitarySite (bzr:5084)
- Fixed bug when PM is send to the player hosting a newtwork game.
- Fishbreeder no longer complains about no fish found.
- Conquered buildings now appear in statistics.
- Improvements in the build_and_run.sh script and cmake building in general.
- Sound & Music system is now thread safe.
- Win 32 bug fix: Mine symbols were not visible in VC++ builds.

### Build 15 rc1
- Fix defending soldiers making invisible and freezing battles.
- Support for building with Visual Studio
- New graphics for some buildings
- Added second carrier type for busy roads (donkeys, oxen, horses)
- Changed localization structure so that we can translate from launchpad.net
- Cmake is now a supported build system
- Lua support (preliminary)
- Fix bug that when a worker program had a createitem command where the
  parameter was not the name of a ware type in the tribe, the game would fail
  an assertion when the command was executed. Now throw an exception when the
  command is parsed. (svn:r4847)
- Implement a the "scout" command in worker programs. Add a worker type "scout"
  to each tribe. Such a worker type typically lives in a small house/hut
  (productionsite). The productionsite's work program typically consists of a
  sleep period, consumption of some food, and sending the worker out to explore
  nodes that have never been seen before or not seen recently. (svn:r4840,
  svn:r4841, svn:r4843, svn:r4844, svn:r4845)
- In the chat, doubleclicking a username will add @username so that the text
  that is written after will be sent as a personal message to that user.
- Implemented double size zoom mode for minimap (svn:r4820, svn:r4821)
- Added login/register menu for games via metaserver (svn:r4818, svn:r4819)
- Added a small scenario part to "The Green Plateau" map (svn:r4808, svn:r4810)
- Improve map select menu - now the "play as scenario" checkbox is only usable,
  if the selected map is playable as scenario (= if a file "trigger" exists).
  Further it shows a special icon for scenario maps for a direct indication.
- Added new event "seeall" allowing to switch see all mode of a player to
  on/off. (svn:r4804, svn:r4878)
- In productionsite programs: Generalize failure handling method to result
  handling method. Depending on the result of the called program, the calling
  program can now return failed, completed or skipped. It can also chose to
  continue execution or repeat the call. (svn:r4781)
- Added new loading screens for Desert, Greenland and Winterland. (svn:r4778,
- Improved Battle code
    * Added support for soldier combat animations (svn:r4772)
    * Let soldiers retreat, when they are injured. Let the player configure in
      the game how injured they have to be to retreat. Make it configurable in
      scenarios and initializations to what extent a player should be able to
      configure this feature during the game. (svn:r4796, svn:r4812)
    * New attack user interface (svn:r4802, svn:r4803, svn:r4813)
- Fix bug that if a user sent a private chat message to himself, the nethost
  delivered it to him twice. (svn:r4764)
- Added a new map 'Atoll' (svn:r4755)
- Add the production program return condition type "site has" that takes a
  group (just like the consume command). Now it is possible to have a statement
  "return=failed unless site has bread,fish,meat:4". (svn:r4750)
- When parsing a consume group, check that the count is not so large that the
  group can not be fulfilled by the site. For example if a site has "[inputs]"
  "smoked_fish=6", "smoked_meat=6" and a program has a consume command with the
  group "smoked_fish,smoked_meat:13" it will give an error message (previously
  it was just accepted silently). (svn:r4750)
- Fix bug that prevented parsing of a negation condition in a production
  program return statement. (svn:r4748)
- Change some productionsites to produce even if the product is not needed, if
  none of the inputs nor the site's capacity are needed either, so that wares
  of a more refined type are available when they are needed in the future.
  (svn:r4746, svn:r4748, svn:r4751)
- Fix broken logic of productionsite program's return command's when-condition.
- Show in the statistics string why a building is not working. (svn:r4744)
- When a productionsite program has been skipped, do not start it again until
  at least 10 seconds have passed, to avoid slowing down the simulation. The
  drawback is that it may take longer time until the productionsite discovers
  that it should produce something (for example because the amount of a ware
  type dropped below the target quantity). (svn:r4743)
- Fix bug that 40 characters was read from a file into a buffer that was used
  as a 0-terminated string (the building statistics string). This worked as
  long as the file provided the 0-terminator. Now make sure that the buffer is
  0-terminated regardless of what the file contains. Previously the whole
  buffer was written (including the garbage after the terminator). Now only
  write the real content. (svn:r4742)
- Fix the editor's trigger time option menu. (svn:r4740)
- Fix the map Sun of fire so that there is no longer possible to walk (attack)
  along the coast between players 4 and 5.
- Improvements in replay handling to save diskspace (svn:r4719, svn:r4720)
    * Only write syncstreams in multiplayer games
    * Delete old (definable) replay files and syncstreams at startup
- Replace the event type that allows or forbids a building type for a player
  with 2 separate event types (for allow and forbid respectively). They can
  handle multiple building types in the same event and the configuration dialog
  is more complete, with icons for the building types. (svn:r4717)
- Implement event types to set the frontier/flag style of a player (can also be
  used in initializations). Also implement configuration dialogs for those
  event types. (svn:r4709, svn:r4715).
- Change the code so victorious soldiers conquer an opposing militarysite,
  instead of destroying it. (svn:r4706 - svn:r4711, svn:r4724, svn:r4727,
  svn:r4731, svn:r4732, svn:r4822, svn:r4839)
- Fix bug that caused undenfined behaviour, particularly segmentations faults in
  64-bit optimized builds. (svn:r4702)
- Improve player's message queue: (svn:r4698)
    * Add only important and not doubled messages.
    * Play a sound, if a new message arrives.
    * Play special sounds at special events (e.g. "You are under attack")
- Fix bug that a savegame, with a flag on a node that was not interior to the
  flag's owner, could be loaded. (svn:r4695)
- Fix bug that a scenario game could be started from a map, where a player did
  not have a starting position, causing a failed assertion when trying to
  center the view on the player's home location. (svn:r4694)
- Fix out-of-bounds array access bug in network game lobby code. (svn:r4676)
- Fix bug that panel_snap_distance and border_snap_distance were mixed up when
  initializing the spinboxes in the options menu. (svn:r4665)
- Fix crash when trying to use the editor to add an event, of type
  conquer_area, with the same name as an existing event. (svn:r4655)
- Fix a bug in ids of autogenerated maps and add automatic resource, immovable
  and critter placement to the automatic map generation feature. (svn:r4651,
- Fix bug that a savegame, with flags on neighbouring map nodes, could be
  loaded, leading to errors later on (for example when trying to build a 1-step
  road between them). (svn:r4621)
- Fix bug that a savegame, where a flag was placed on one map node but later
  was given the coordinates of another map node, could be loaded, leading to
  errors later on. (svn:r4620)
- Added more stones to the Elven Forests map. (svn:r4612)
- Improved the selection of which warehouse a produced ware should be
  transported to. (svn:r4609)
- Add new music. (svn:r4602, svn:r4611)
- Change the reporting of an error that is found in game data (savegame,
  command log, world/tribe definitions) whenever such game data is read (for
  example when a replay or new or saved game is started or a new or saved map
  is loaded in the editor). Do not include source code filename:linenumber
  information (just explain what is wrong with the game data that the user
  tried to load). Return to where the user tried to load the game data
  (menu/shell). (svn:r4600)
- Fix bug that sometimes a warehouse did not provide a carrier to fulfill a
  request when it should. (svn:r4599)
- Change bob movement by eliminating a 10 ms pause before starting to move
  along an edge. The game logic could fail and throw an exception if a bob was
  moving along a road and the road was split during those 10 ms. Unfortunately
  this fix breaks each old savegame with a bob that happens to be in this
  state. (svn:r4597)
- Fix memory leaks. (svn:r4567, svn:r4671, svn:r4672, svn:r4673, svn:r4674,
  svn:r4675, svn:r4677, svn:r4681, svn:r4682, svn:r4756)
- Fix bug that when the editor's map options window was opened and the map's
  description was shorter than a certain length (different for different
  locales), the program would crash when a letter was typed in the description
  multilineeditbox. (svn:r4563)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
554461 #554461 Can't compile since 5159 2 Critical Victor Pelt  10 Fix Released
558706 #558706 Hotspot of barbarian's quarry build animation is off 2 Critical Widelands Media Developers  10 Fix Released
560834 #560834 error while loading tutorial 2 of the empire 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
536342 #536342 Editor crashed when tool window is too big 3 High Victor Pelt  10 Fix Released
549563 #549563 crash in internet game lobby if login failed 3 High Timowi  10 Fix Released
549055 #549055 slider.png missing 4 Medium Raul Ferriz  10 Fix Released
550286 #550286 The CREDITS file needs to be uptodated 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
550323 #550323 The green plateau as scenario: start type choosable 4 Medium Nasenbaer  10 Fix Released
552910 #552910 Atlanteans flag needs to have rondel removed 4 Medium Widelands Media Developers  10 Fix Released
553197 #553197 code checker 4 Medium SirVer  10 Fix Released
553201 #553201 codechecker 4 Medium SirVer  10 Fix Released
536086 #536086 complete and tweak atlantean buildings 5 Low   10 Fix Released
547231 #547231 Scout's house graphic is missing for Empire and Atlanteans 5 Low Samith Sandanayake  10 Fix Released
549090 #549090 Barbarian lumberjack icon missing 5 Low   10 Fix Released
560646 #560646 Usage info points to old project website on sf.net 5 Low Tino  10 Fix Released
560647 #560647 Usage info formatting issue 5 Low Tino  10 Fix Released
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