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WillowNG 0.7 released - required for Ubuntu 11.10

Written for WillowNG by glenstewart on 2011-10-15

   * Resolve bug in daemon startup from willowng-config when daemon isn't already running.
   * Eliminate use of ctypes.CDLL, which no longer works in Ubuntu 11.10

willowNG 0.6 released!

Written for WillowNG by glenstewart on 2011-03-08

 After months of testing and refinement, willowNG 0.6 is ready for primetime. We'll be working to get it into the next Ubuntu release cycle.

- Filtering now applies to all subdomains (substrings) of the domain
   specified in the the Good or Bad Domains list
 - Google SafeSearch strict is applied to all supported Google services
   (eg. Web, Video)
 - App icon, willowNG-benchmarks.txt and CHANGELOG.txt added to package

WillowNG 0.5 Released !

Written for WillowNG by glenstewart on 2010-08-13

Major bugfixes and re-architecting make WillowNG 0.5 not only work, but outperform many filtering and non-filtering web proxies (see benchmarks.txt in the package). The administrative GUI tool has been updated, and is now included in the package.

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