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0.5.0 release from the trunk series released 2010-01-07

Release information
Release notes:

The Wombat team is happy to release Wombat 0.5.0

Compared to the 0.4.0 release, Wombat 0.5.0 sports a lot of new features.

Notable differences are:
* Now based on Pylons 0.9.7 and SQLAlchemy 0.5
* No support for Python 2.4 anymore due to Pylons requirements
* Users can now upload artwork
* Uploaded artwork will be committed to the media repository after moderation by an administrator or lead artist
* Tag-based browsing and other new UI features
* A new subversion backend uses pysvn instead of executing the svn shell commands
* Automated database cleanups

Changes since the 0.4.5 release include:
* Art upload features as mentioned above
* Security hardening
  * More resistance against command injection
  * More complicated password algorithm to slow down rainbow-table attacks
* Multipl...


Cédric Maréchal (11):
      CSRF + password on account edit
      Lead role for Admin
      Upload files
      SVN add/commit
      Create a subdirectory
      Add an 'upload' and 'create a subdirectori' link
      literals fixs for 0.9.7
      account/edit link fix
      Moderation link
      Command injection fix, no more quotes in VNC username/password and message + filename restrictions

Kai Blin (20):
      search: Add a label to the simple search textbox.
      error: Update the error controller to Pylons 0.9.7, as well as some other files needed.
      tags: Gracefully handle invalid tags.
      environment: Update to pylons 0.9.7 style env
      Remove deprecated md5 module, use hashlib instead
      Remove some old unused files
      Remove deprecated popen2 call, use subporcess
      Typo fix.
      backend: Add initial pysvn backend.
      backend: implement update function using pysvn
      backend: Implement add() and commit() using pysvn
      artwork: Update favicon to a cute little wombat
      Prepare 0.5.0pre1 release
      defaults: Switch the ini-file template to default to the libsvn backend
      libsvn: Catch a possible ClientError exception on update
      backend/pysvn: Allow updating files
      email: Cope with SMTP server not being available.
      tests: Add crypto patches, fix unit tests.
      auth: Implement and test "MD5k" password hashes.
      Prepare the 0.5.0 release.

Thomas Ingham (1):
      Removed superfluous rounding from input fields and made the login box that sits in the header a bit smaller.

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.5.0-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 33
last downloaded 54 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.5.0-py2.6.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.6 egg installer 38
last downloaded 93 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.5.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 213
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
Total downloads: 284

0.4.5 (One-armed Wombat) release from the trunk series released 2009-05-21

Release information
Release notes:

The WOMBAT team is happy to announce the release of 0.4.5

WOMBAT 0.4.5 is mostly a bugfix release. Several backend and usability issues have been resolved.

Features include

    * Tag cloud now really is a "cloud", not just a list of tags
    * In directory view, clicking on the expanded information no longer collapses the extended information (bug #291724)
    * Tag-based browsing now filters on multiple tags if desired


Kai Blin (9):
      wombat.js: Fix bug #291724
      tag: Prototype tag cloud.
      tags: Improve tag-based browsing.
      file: Specify action and id on file links on the tagged browsing view
      download_queue: Implement a skeletton download queue.
      svn backend: Make sure the parent directory object exists when handling repository updates
      tag: Display tags sorted, prettify the box.
      tag: Add ajaxified tags, add tag cloud to front page.
      Prepare Wombat 0.4.5 release

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.4.5-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 8
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.4.5.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 35
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
Total downloads: 43

0.4.4 (Tacky Wombat) release from the trunk series released 2009-03-23

Release information
Release notes:

WOMBAT 0.4.4 is the first step towards a new browsing experience.
Features include
* Tags for assets and collections
* Tag cloud replaces "unassigned file view"
* Bug fixes for upgrade issues missed in 0.4.3


Kai Blin (14):
      infra: Update the generated requirements.
      cleanup: Acquire a lock for the database to not break when an update is running
      pylons: Fix up some more upgreade issues.
      Some upgrades missed on less used code paths.
      helper: Fix detecting inline image formats
      auth: Make optional id parameter really optional.
      style: Make copyright notice readable again, update year on notice
      database: Add a backup script for the database.
      account: Fix some more deprecated functions and routes
      style: Make error message text readable.
      tags: Implement tag support.
      backend: Support auto-tagging scanned assets.
      tags: Add tag "cloud", use that instead of unassigned file view
      Prepare Wombat 0.4.4 release

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.4.4-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 10
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.4.4.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 56
last downloaded 121 weeks ago
Total downloads: 66

0.4.3 (Icy Wombat) release from the trunk series released 2009-03-17

Release information
Release notes:

This release updates WOMBAT to work with Pylons 0.9.7 and SQLAlchemy 0.5.
It also marks the end of our Python 2.4 support.


Kai Blin (2):
      Convert to Pylons 0.9.7
      Release Wombat 0.4.3

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.4.3-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 5
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.4.3.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 11
last downloaded 55 weeks ago
Total downloads: 16

0.4.1 (Halloween Wombat) release from the trunk series released 2008-10-31

Release information
Release notes:

Based on the UI revamp in release 0.4.0, new UI features in this release include:

    * Custom icons that reflect the content of the media, if possible
    * New stock icons from the Tango project
    * Display total number of files under a directory to simplify browsing


Kai Blin (5):
      preview: Render image icons from the image files if possible.
      icons: Replace gif icons from mediaIndexer by png icons from Tango.
      scan: Determine if we need to update from database state
      dir: Display the count of _all_ files below a directory.
      Prepare 0.4.1 release.

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.4.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 6
last downloaded 121 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.4.1-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 4
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.4.1-py2.4.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.4 egg installer 10
last downloaded 144 weeks ago
Total downloads: 20

0.4.0 (Ninja Wombat) release from the trunk series released 2008-10-29

Release information
Release notes:

New features in this version include:

    * Completely revamped look and feel
    * Support for users and roles
    * Actions that change the server's data


Kai Blin (57):
      Set up preliminary unit testing, fix one test to work.
      Add unit tests for asset controller.
      Add unit tests for collection controller.
      Add unit tests for dir controller.
      Make createTextPreview more robust.
      Add unittest for file controller.
      Add unittest for show controller.
      Make sure the name of the root dir is "/", not "."
      Restore search to completely behave like in 0.2.1
      Add preliminary tests for "search"
      Implement basic user authentication
      login: Add simple string returns for ajax integration
      base: add support for requiring user auth per action.
      login: Add "register" action to register new users.
      Rename "login" controller to "user"
      Revert "Rename "login" controller to "user""
      Split the "login" controller into an "auth" and an "account" part
      model: the uselist parameter seems to go on the backref, not on the relation
      account: Add unit tests for "register" action
      auth: Add error messages and unit tests.
      Correctly fill out the form fields on account/edit
      Make the tests work again with the changed logout and registered texts.
      Store the full user data structure in the session, not just the email.
      Limit "account/edit" access to the id of the editing user.
      templates: Fix login form to point to auth controller
      user: Add "active" field and create user accounts "inactive" by default
      websetup: Support adding a superuser account on setup-app
      tests: Make tests search forms by field name.
      auth: Just store user id.
      account: Hide/unhide the correct password fields in edit.html
      account: Add "edit" action to account controller
      account: fix display of the action links
      account: Add "enable" action
      account: add "disable" action
      account: add "delete" action
      model: Add user roles.
      auth: Use salted passwords instead of plain md5 ones.
      auth: Don't leak information about user email addresses
      auth: Update auth testcases to deal with new password scheme
      account: Update tests to use crypt_password.
      account: Add support for resetting the password.
      auth: Fix indentation and password reset link.
      ini template: Add template entries for the email settings.
      account: Send registration confirmation emails.
      account: Fix a small logic error and some unicode conversion warnings
      roles: Implement user roles management.
      templates: Split out the directory tree from the menu template.
      backend/svn: Work around some funny svn "features" to make updating work
      backend/svn: Remove the last remaning uses of svn.path.
      menu: Display "logout" link for logged in users.
      backend/svn: Correctly convert to unicode.
      backend/svn: Fix some bugs with scanning
      backend/svn: Refactor the code to use the existing revision if possible.
      account: allow filtering on text fields
      scan: Require user to be logged in to scan and update
      account: Fix user name output.
      Get ready for 0.4.0 release.

Thomas Ingham (14):
      Prepared styling of login form however as I cannot get the service running on my machine; I'm holding off on anything more in-depth until I can get it working locally (or access to a box with same capability.)
      I didn't touch the sources file but I did rearrange the registration form. Committing to move work to the house. If anyone knows of a better workflow for doing design work between two machines please speak up.
      There's that sources file again...
      Added Index method for accounts (needs a join with UserData; wasn't working when I tried it, also needs to take a param for searching)
      Added edit form for user accounts.
      Attempted to flesh out the account edit but I really don't understand both A: Python and B: The pylons syntactogasm for making joins work. So the shell of the edit function is there and the template will work once the variable names are set properly in the values. I've also redacted the * for required fields and replaced it with a snazzy javascript thing-a-ma-bob that indicates fields that are required when you focus into them (or out of them as the case might be in the event that someone doesn't like it.
      Changed the style to be more subtle and less stupid.
      Always one in the bunch.. well okay two..
      Implementing the new shell design; lots of stuff being relocated so you'll need to use querystrings to get around until we can sort out the menu management stuff. I vote for a simple table in the db that can be modified by hand if needed.
      Keep forgetting the -a .. I'll get the hang of these newfangled tools some day.
      Made the style of the regular asset screens readable in the new style.
      Added registration link.
      Made the ching-change to the McMenu to make it look cool.
      Added formatting to user report.

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 9
last downloaded 121 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.4.0-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 5
last downloaded 134 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.4.0-py2.4.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.4 egg installer 9
last downloaded 136 weeks ago
Total downloads: 23

0.3.0 (Alchemist) release from the trunk series released 2008-08-13

Release information
Release notes:

New features for this version include:
* Completely redesigned data backend based on SQLAlchemy
* Support for scanning and updating the repository without running an extra script to generate the metadata
* Preliminary support for Assets and Collections, the WebUI still needs some work.


Kai Blin (27):
      Implement search helper returning JSON
      Fix the generation of the JSON array
      Restructure templates, clean up a little.
      Initial stab at the new data model implementation.
      Convert "file" controller/view to new data model
      Make sure the application setup works in a pristine checkout.
      Convert scanning to the new data model.
      Add "update" functionality to "scan" controller.
      Fix svn backend bugs found during testing.
      Convert the "show" controller to the new data model
      Make "Latest Additions" work with the new data model
      Get rid of references to directory view.
      Prepare a first alpha release of the new data model
      Implement "most popular file type" query.
      Add Dir class to new data model, make the "dir" controller work again.
      List parent dir and subdirs in menu again for dir mode.
      Make navigation work again.
      Get rid of unicode conversion errors
      Make advanced search work on the new data model
      Fix sql query in revision, remove old code.
      Remove now unused rootdir class.
      Gracefully handle c.session being empty in "latest additions"
      Add a controller and some views for assets
      Add a controller and some views for collections
      Prepare 0.3.0alpha2 release
      Fix up the "most popular file type" query, update status page.
      Prepare to release 0.3.0

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.3.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 5
last downloaded 121 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.3.0-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 5
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.3.0-py2.4.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.4 egg installer 5
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
Total downloads: 15

0.2.0 (Toddler) release from the trunk series released 2008-07-15

Release information
Release notes:

Other Features Include:
 * Advanced Searching: Search by author, file type or modified date from within the repository.
 * A new stylish logo from Orin Shepherd at Coalmarch Productions (not a feature, but we're counting it as a definite addition.)
 * Thumbnail rendering for "most" image assets.
 * Inline file-detail viewing for quick side-by-side comparisons.
 * Application status screen with helpful statistics.
 * A better browsing experience on the whole.


Kai Blin (37):
      Make directories return name not path on getName()
      Visual overhaul.
      Add file type icons to "Latest Additions"
      Fix file view for new layout.
      Fix indentations in helpers for new design
      Update the logo picture.
      Make navigation and menu more intuitive.
      Preparing for 0.1.1
      Add doc strings to the model objects
      Save screen estate by reducing the logo size.
      Display SVN information.
      On the way to 0.1.2
      Escape brackets before passing them to the shell.
      Remove the svn.* imports
      Last changes for 0.1.2
      Load the revision data from a metadata file.
      Add an author->files mapping.
      Fix the scan script to better deal with funny file names.
      Support author filtering on the search results.
      Make the search code look nicer.
      Implement searching for time ranges as well.
      Implement a "contents only" render mode for files for goal 1km9
      Convert tabs to spaces again
      Implement search by extension
      Limit <img> tag use to images displayable inline
      If filtering search for extension, don't display directories
      Bump version number to 0.1.3
      Add status information to the front page.
      Release WOMBAT 0.1.3
      Add an --update option to
      Create thumbnails from image
      Fix transparency for PNGs, add link to full image.
      Convert ISO dates to seconds since epoch to make search for dates work.
      Don't break if PIL isn't available, just don't generate a thumbnail.
      Getting ready for 0.1.4 release.
      Truncate too long names.
      Prepare to release WOMBAT 0.2.0

Thomas Ingham (26):
      Added link title attribute with full path and verb message.
      Stripped out old crud.
      W3C Validation
      Adding javascripts.
      Added disclosure function.
      Bunch of ui cleanup and changes. Need to clear out some of the semantic tags.
      adding javascript files
      Rounded corners consistently, added cursor effect. Now if I could just figure out push.
      More changes.
      wombat.js is the central location for all function-based js behaviors.
      Crapinski, I didn't make any changes in so that should be fine. Other changes are for the search results and author filter.
      added reference to match value
      Cleaning up search form to preserve values and open/closed state.
      Clearing the deck ya'll.
      Fixed date formatting.
      Making changes to layout.
      Moving to server for homework.
      Crazy disclosed file details in place.
      Added new logo art and also changed scan message to immediately scan.
      Modified logo.
      Prettified the status screen.
      Shortened the header logo cell and lengthened the search cell to prevent wrapping.
      Added height switch so cells stay aligned even with truncation.
      Some platforms don't use console.log.
      text-decoration:bold is not valid

Richard Flaherty (5):
      Fixed typo in link to /dir after scan
      added an advanced search option (may need more tweaking to 'pretty it up')
      new .mako to display the advanced search form
      fixed problem with adv_search.mako when no pickle data existed
      added sorted version of options_for_select and used in adv_search

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 6
last downloaded 121 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.2.0-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 8
last downloaded 144 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.2.0-py2.4.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.4 egg installer 7
last downloaded 144 weeks ago
Total downloads: 21

0.1.0 (Baby Wombat) release from the trunk series released 2008-07-05

Release information
Release notes:

The 0.1.0 release provides the basic functionality of browsing the WorldForge media repository:

    * A directory view listing subdirectories and files in the shown directory
    * A file view showing detailed information about the file and a file preview
    * A search function that will search for file/directory names.

Let me encourage you to check out the WOMBAT live demo at

I would like to close with mentioning to all the artists out there that WOMBAT is still in need of a logo. I track this and other things on the
WOMBAT Launchpad page. This is also the place to file bugs.


Kai Blin (22):
      Initial import of the WorldForge Open Media Browser/Archive Tool
      Load site name from config file
      Implement basic file view.
      Implement breadcrumb navigation
      Bump version to 0.0.2
      0.0.2 build changes.
      Change templates to better handle the "data not loaded" case.
      Make scanning look nicer and only scan when needed.
      Allow scanning when no dir cache exists, even if there is a lock file.
      Implement simple "Latest additions"
      Getting ready for 0.0.3
      Make "Latest Additions" work without c.root_dir
      Group files by type
      Add preview in "file" mode, still needs media access for /media
      A "Download Zipdir" option is not on my current todo list.
      Serve files from media_dir to /media
      Display the correct icon for the file type.
      Prepare for 0.0.4 release
      Fix logo link
      Implement searchbox
      Don't care about comments for now
      On the way to 0.1.0

File Description Downloads
download icon wombat-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball 7
last downloaded 121 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.1.0-py2.5.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.5 egg installer 8
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
download icon wombat-0.1.0-py2.4.egg (md5, sig) Python 2.4 egg installer 5
last downloaded 154 weeks ago
Total downloads: 20