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3.0 release from the 3.0 series released 2011-04-11

Release information
Release notes:

 This release comes with big improvements in performance of Top/Related and Latest widgets.
 We replaced MySQL FullText engine with Sphinx Search engine in all components.
 We added new search mode "Freshness & Relevance" which works perfect for blogs and news sites.


= 3.0.1 =
 * Fixed search term highlighting bug

= 3.0 =
 * Added search management tool
 * Added search statistics/analytic report
 * Added new search mode "Freshness & Relevance"
 * Reworked Admin user interface, made it more simple and clear.
 * Added ability to add custom search terms to the top of the Top/Related widget
 * New option "Show only approved search terms" in Top/Related and Latest widgets
 * New option "Show top Searches for last: day, week, months..." in Top/Related widget
 * Added option to run php in quiet mode in sphinx.conf to prevent displaying HTTP headers
 * Replaced MySQL FullText engine with Sphinx Search in Top/Related and Latest widgets
 * Built search management tool and statistics tool over Sphinx Search
 * Added custom css styles file (templates/style.css) for search forms
 * Ivinco icon looking more smoothly with transparent background

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download icon wordpress-sphinx-plugin.tgz (md5) Wordpress Sphinx Search Plugin 3.0 117
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 117

2.1 release from the 2.0 series released 2011-01-28

Release information
Release notes:

This release comes with the revamped UI for the plugin's WordPress wp-admin panel, including new Configuration Wizard to help you install the Sphinx Search Server. Besides we've implemented sidebar widgets for displaying top/related and latest search terms and the extended search form, added search term highlighting for search results, and implemented numerous fixes to make this plugin work better and easier to setup.
See for more information


* Added configuration wizard: you can automatically install or reinstall Sphinx via WordPress wp-admin panel
* Changed default Sphinx installation directory: now Sphinx is installed to WordPress upload directory
* Using shebang syntax for Sphinx configuration file - it allows to hide the connection parameters from the public access
* UI fixes for WordPress wp-admin panel
* Improved error handling: system output is now hidden and human readable error messages were added
* Added a new sidebar widgets for displaying top/related and latest search terms and a widget for the extended search form
* Added search term highlighting for search results (in WordPress' the_excerpt tag)
* Added automatic generation of cron files

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download icon wordpress-sphinx-plugin.tar.gz (md5) version 2.1 30
last downloaded 54 weeks ago
Total downloads: 30

1.0 release from the 1.0 series released 2009-02-20

Release information
Release notes:

Frontend features

- Search powered by Sphinx Search engine Or SphinxSearch inside
- Very fast search
- Flexible search syntax (
- Sort search resutls by Relevance or Freshness
- Search by posts, by comments and by pages.
- Exclude posts, comments or pages from search results.
- Display comments at search results page.
- Search non-password protected pages only
- Search only approved comments
- By default search working in extended mode, but if no one results was found, then it try to search in “Match Any” mode.
- On search results page title of web page are changed due to entered search keywords
- Log all search results, except empty results
- Display Top-n search keywords
- Display Latest-n search keywords
- If entered search keywor...

File Description Downloads
download icon wp-sphinx-plugin-1.0.tar.gz (md5) source code 855
last downloaded 31 weeks ago
Total downloads: 855