Registered by Alberto Milone
A kit to manipulate xorg.conf which is aimed at both developers and users. It is a distribution and desktop agnostic project.

X-kit is composed of the following programs:

* XorgParser: a simple, transparent and easy to extend xorg parser.
* XorgConfig-gtk: a simple GUI to xorg.conf
* XorgConfig-kde: a simple GUI to xorg.conf


  • Stable Release on 2010-04-20
    * - make isDriverInSection() return True only if all of the spec...
  • Stable Release on 2010-03-26
    * - Add InputClass to the whitelist of xorg.conf sections so...
  • 0.4.2 Stable Release on 2009-01-04
    * - remove harmless but useless lines after an Exception in ...
  • 0.4.1 Stable Release on 2008-12-26
    * - removeSection() and commentOutSection() now remove any...
  • 0.4 Stable Release on 2008-12-22
    * Commented lines inside of sections are now preserved * Sections can be remo...