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download icon yade-2016.06a.tar.gz (md5, sig) 2016.06a release 4,008
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download icon yade-1.14.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) 1.14.0 release 8,123
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Release notes 

The new stable Yade version 1.00.0 has been released. Between the previous
release 0.97.0 has been made 200 committs during 5 months: 200 files changed,
13703 insertions(+), 5683 deletions(-).

Packages for Ubuntu/Debian users will be shortly updated.

Some important changes
from developers, which where made toward this release.

Bruno Chareyre:
The "Pore-scale Finite Volumes" method (PFV) for simulating the
coupling with a pore fluid is now available in the binary packages. It
comes as two engines: FlowEngine for rigid boundary conditions,
PeriodicFlowEngine for periodic boundary conditions. The fluid can be
simulated as strictly incompressible, or compressible, with dedicated
integration schemes for each case. Lubrication forces are also present
as an optional feature

Christian Jakob:
- An integration scheme for inertia tensors of clumps is included.
  Inertia/masses/volumes of clumps are now updated automatically, when calling
  one of the clump creation/modification methods.
- Modifications in addToClump() method now allows to add a list of bodies.
- A new example shows how to add buoyancy force on spheres and clumps.

Jérôme Duriez and Luc Scholtes:
A new contact law is introduced in order to simulate jointed rock masses.
It allows to reproduce a cohesive-frictional behaviour of the rock matrix, and
to take into account pre-existing fractures (joints) as discontinuity surfaces
(their behaviour may be also cohesive-frictional). A smooth contact logic can be
applied to favour slip along these surfaces regardless of the roughness induced
by sphere geometry and model discretization. Examples and vizualisation facilities
are also introduced.

François Kneib
The interaction between two Grids is now implemented, through the
GridConnection-GridConnection contact.


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The complete changelog:

Sun Sep 29 23:10:48 2013 +0200

Anton Gladky (64):
      Remove release file.
      Add documentation, how to render particle with ParaView`s PointSprite plugin.
      Fix spelling errors.
      Add Changelog.
      Add different capillar models into ViscoElasticPM.
      Add links to equations, consider not only monodisperse particles.
      Fix s parameter for Willet-formulation of capillar.
      Add one more critical-calculation to capillar model.
      Cleanings in viscoelastic capillar modell.
      Move capillar calculation into another function not to overload VPM.
      Modify Weigart`s model.
      Update equations for Weigart`s capillar model.
      Update capillar equations and names of schemas.
      Move references to a references.bib.
      Add comment on liquid bridges.
      Fix some warnings (clang).
      Fix compilation.
      Implement rotational resistance in ViscoElasticPM.
      Add massMultiply-parameter to ViscoElasticPM to have an opportunity to set kn, kt, cn and ct without multiplication on mass.
      Implement Rabinovich`s capillar model.
      Fix wrong calculation of the average rotational resistance.
      Split ViscoelasticPM on capillar and dry parts.
      Prevent devision by 0 in capillar Rabinovich model.
      Prepare for flowengine compilation.
      Merge libplugins, libsupport and libcore in libyade.
      Fix FindCholmod.cmake.
      Fix compilation of FlowBoundingSphere.ipp
      Replace Cholmod-Feature by LinSolv.
      Minor fix in CMakeList (FlowEnginge).
      Implement PID controller to have a servo-engine.
      Fix tests due to failing clumps-autotests.
      Use combinedengine for ServoPIDController.
      Fix hopefully clumps-autotests.
      Add LudingPM.
      Merge branch 'ndyck'
      Add an example for LudingPM.
      Use libyade again. Revert Bruno`s revert.
      Fix configuration issue with CHUNKSIZE>0.
      Drop RockPM.
      Remove ParticleSizeDistrbutionRPMRecorder.
      Remove CohesiveStateRPMRecorder.
      Show PFVflow and LinSolv in disabled features, if they are disabled.
      Include loki-library dirs and link against them. Fixes compilation on HPC TU Freiberg.
      Set LinSolv and PFVFLOW ON by default.
      Add recommended build-dependency for LinSolv and PFVFlow into documentation.
      Replace ifndef/define-constructions by "#pragma once" in lib/triangulation, where it is possible.
      Minor fix in capillary models in ViscoelasticPM.
      Add [Pournin2001] into the description of ViscoelasticPM.
      Minor fix in calculation s_crit in ViscoelasticPM.
      Add information about github-hosting into the main page.
      Add a notification to the screen, whether the current build is debugbuild.
      Remove explicit linking of libstdcxx.
      Use skipScripts variable to skip some scripts on check-tests.
      Skip temporarly DEM-PFV-check.py to let daily-builds packages be built.
      Remove kde-files from the trunk.
      Minor fix in installation section of documentation.
      Remove Fedora list package from documentation. The list is unsupported.
      Add Antypov2011 reference and some links in Hertz-Mindlin model.
      Fix some compilation warnings (GCC).
      Replace libqglviewer-qt4-dev on libqglviewer-dev in installation section.
      Fix errors in ForceContainer, detected by clang.
      Fix compilation error.
      Add export into LIGGGHTS-format.

Bruno Chareyre (68):
      +1 journal article
      Add the color of the periodic cell a registered attribute.
      - fix a bug that would let the capillary tables empty when postLoad was not triggered
      Add function getCapillaryStress(), equivalent of getStress() but for capillary forces
      -code cleaning
      fix a latex equation
      FlowEngine: exclude corner cases when listing constrictions sizes along the void path
      +1 article
      -fix url of an article
      +4 journal papers
      +1 journal article
      - add "LINSOLV" source code for DEM-PFV coupling with direct sparse solvers
      add strainRate attribute to TriaxialStressController + fix bug in example script
      Revert "Merge libplugins, libsupport and libcore in libyade." Cause: the new cmake system breaks buildbot and does not work for chunkSize>0
      - add getSceneAsString() to pass scenes between instances without going through the hard drive
      fix CMakeList for chunkSize>=1
      - enable load/save from/to python strings with O.sceneToString and O.stringToScene (for communication between parallel instances of yade)
      -fix the return type of stringToScene()
      clean the flow code (part 1)
      cleaning the flow code (smallfix of part 1)
      cleaning the flow code (part2)
      cleaning the flow code (part3 and last)
      -first example script for the fluid coupling with the DEM-PFV method
      - new conference and journal papers
      fixed reference
      +1 PhD thesis
      - more documentation of TesselationWrapper, with a section in user manual and pointer to published equations.
      git ignore changes to .gitignore
      undo previous change in gitignore, not the right way to fix
      Turn a LOG_DEBUG into LOG_ERROR/return, to escape segfault. (ref: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1208878)
      Add an optional argument to O.forces.f() and O.forces.t() to get correct forces on clumps.
      doc improvement and more cross-links for TesselationWrapper and FlowEngine
      -enable user defined forces on bodies applying permanently (with updated user manual)
      +1 conference paper
      -workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/yade/+bug/1183402#3, allowing startup imports with optional argument example: $yade -lscipy.interpolate
      -fix '-l' command line option (no import lib was crashing)
      fix uninitialized member of ForceContainer
      fix compile warnings (unused variables)
      - smallfixes in documentation
      fix FlowEngine docstring
      fix duplicate bib reference
      small fix in bib entries
      remove duplicate bib reference
      commit small fix and update in bib files
      make default FlowEngine::permeabilityFactor less absurd (crashing by default sucks)
      regression (check-)test for FlowEngine
      remove Dem3Dof form Yade (also eudoxos module, mostly based on Dem3Dof)
      - remove Dem3Dof from documentation
      remove eudoxos from build system (+ remove from VTKRecorder, that was left behind)
      remove Dem3Dof from a docstring
      remove Dem3Dof from alias
      various fixes and improvements in checkTests
      - increase verbosity of DEM-PFV checkTest
      remove some debugging code left in chekList.py
      make sure FlowEngine has been compiled before trying the checkTest DEM-PFV, as suggested by Klaus
      make the DEM-PFV checktest fully determinist with a data file for initial positions
      new attributes in FlowEngine to access low level cholmod/metis data
      \#include <cholmod.h> in FlowEngine.cpp (why is it not needed on lucid?!)
      add #ifdef LINSOLV guards in appropriate places in case someone (e.g. buildbot) compiles without cholmod
      one more #ifdef LINSOLV guard
      add a cmake path for metis.h on wheezy
      Return a warning at startup if X rendering is unavailable despite gui is required.
      User manual: correct the meaning of body.dynamic + remove utils. prefixes
      Typo fix in prog.rst
      Fix sphinx warning (no :gui: role)
      yadeSphinx.py: remove eudoxos module from the build list
      -remove empty section of doc: External modules
      revert 3d7ca8577 (doc/current hyperlink), see also https://lists.launchpad.net/yade-dev/msg10035.html.

Chiara Modenese (1):
      Prevent the normal force become negative when viscous damping is applied.

Christian Jakob (23):
      added new example showing implementation of buoyancy
      small fix in new example from previous commit
      small fix of description in new buoyancy example
      include integration scheme for inertia tensors of clumps; inertia/masses/volumes of clumps are updated automatically by call of updateProperties method; removed adaptClumpMasses method and example script
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      make getRoundness() faster
      shorten the code of Clump.cpp: switched getClumpVolumeAndAdaptInertia() method into updateProperties()
      small fix of a comment
      small fix in an example script
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      remove unused #include in Clump.cpp
      limit number of cubes for clump inertia integration scheme to 1000000; avoids worst case scenario with R_clump_member(s)<<R_clump
      shorten code of Clump.cpp; improve inertia intergration scheme
      undo unwanted changes in addToClump example from previous commit
      bug fix of a previous commit
      set maximum number of cubes for clump inertia integration scheme to 3375000 in Clump.cpp
      fix inertia calculation and clump test
      add output of inertia and mass to addToClump-example.py
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      fix colors in releaseFromClump-example.py
      improve addToClump() method, make it possible to add body lists

Francois Kneib (3):
      Fix bug #1161847 : Cannot create two clumpClouds in the same simulation (https://bugs.launchpad.net/yade/+bug/1161847). Modified makeClumpCloud(...) in SpherePack.cpp : the random generator was wrong, fixed it.
      Make the interaction between two Grids possible. It comes with a set of new classes, all in Grid.cpp/hpp : - The geometry of interaction : GridCoGridCoGeom - Its instanciation : Ig2_GridConnection_GridConnection_GridCoGridCoGeom - An elastic frictional law : Law2_GridCoGridCoGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack
      Lots of changes in the inelastic cohesive set of classes. - correct a lot of bugs and comment the inelastic cohesive law : pkg/dem/Law2_ScGeom6D_InelastCohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment - change some variables names and comments : pkg/dem/InelastCohFrictMat pkg/dem/InelastCohFrictPhys pkg/dem/Ip2_2xInelastCohFrictMat_InelastCohFrictPhys

Jan Stránský (14):
      added --diable-pynotify to yade-batch Removed #include Shop.hpp from Cell.*pp added area attribute to Facet
      added triaxal test on cylinder example
      Created classes for bubble interaction according to question #230574
      Tetra modification (Ig2_Tetra_Tetra_TTtraSimpleGeom, Law2_TTetraSimpleGeom_NormPhys_Simple, modified GL functor, examples, utils.tetra) added Ip2_ElastMat_... functors fixed bug in utils.kineticEnergy for aspherical bodies
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      added utils.UnstructuredGrid class for manipulating (external forces evaluation and positin changes) of FEM-like triangular and tetrahedral meshes hopefully fixed CGAL compilation problem in pkg/dem/Tetra.*pp reported by Klaus
      Improved documentation about O.load and O.save, motivated by question #230900
      export.VTKExporter improvement (intaractions export), SVD matrix decomposition in python, Peri3dController improvement (compatibility with O.save/O.load)
      doc improvement of Peri3dController
      Merge branch 'master' of http://github.com/yade/trunk
      midified exporter.VTKExporter for correct interactions export in periodic case
      ConcretePM: modified damage tensor computetion, added elasticEnergy function, added export.VTKExporter.exportInteractions function, modified ymport.iges function
      Merge branch 'master' of http://github.com/yade/trunk
      Modifying code to enable compilation with QUAD_PRECISION without errors (does not work yet for CGAL enabled)

Jerome Duriez (7):
      - few changes in comments in JointedCohesiveFrictionalPM.* - typos corrected in doxygen and sphinx docs of TriaxialTest (there was some "Trixial" instead of "Triaxial") - correction of typo, broken links, and add of two precisions in the doc of a function of pack.py
      Typo in NewtonIntegrator doc
      Correction of link-syntax in doc of Law2_ScGeom_JCFpmPhys_JointedCohesiveFrictionalPM
      Typo and redundancies corrected in doc of Functor.label
      Typo in a figure legend
      Precision in the doc relative to dt (6 is the maximal contact number in 2D)
      Correction of a broken link in GSTS doc

Klaus Thoeni (11):
      various wire contact laws available now, add reference with details, add a check script for the wire model
      various wire contact laws available now (new version), add reference with details
      resolve clash between utils.box and box loaded from pylab
      correct some spelling and make some example scripts working (more checks needed)
      move one level up
      use returnSpherePack=True in randomDensePack
      fix some typos and links in documentation
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      make script faster
      introduce tolerence in overlap check for intersecting spheres
      add MatchMaker for friction angle

Luc Scholtes (4):
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:yade/trunk
      cleanup in yade publications list
      remove CohesiveFrictionalPM from trunk
      add a new class for modelling jointed media (JointedCohesiveFrictionalPM) and examples to illustrate how to use it (examples/jointedCohesiveFrictionalPM/)
      new reference added

Nolan Dyck (2):
      Updated function descriptions for BubbleMat
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/yade/trunk

Raphaël Maurin (1):
      Modify GlobalStiffnessTimeStepper for visco-elastic contact law.

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