Zeitgeist Framework 0.8.1 "The Snake and the Holy Grail"

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Zeitgeist Framework
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The Snake and the Holy Grail
Siegfried Gevatter
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Release notes 

2011-07-7: Zeitgeist 0.8.1 "The Snake and the Holy Grail"


 - Added a GetDataSourceFromId D-Bus method to the data-source registry
   extension (LP: #691690).
 - A backup of the database is created before attempting schema upgrades. If
   something goes wrong, the backup is automatically restored (LP: #660307).
 - Fixed the "extensions" D-Bus property when it's an empty list (LP: #787691).
 - Add PID to the output being logged in ~/.cache/ (LP: #806030).
 - Ensure the engine doesn't attempt to close twice in a row (LP: #793714).
 - Minor memory usage improvements.

Python API:

 - Changed _DBusInterface to update introspected data after reconnections.
 - Added support for registering custom Event and Subject subclasses with
   ZeitgeistClient (LP: #799199).
 - Fixed reconnection after a Zeitgeist restart so that the method call trig-
   gering the reconnection also works -and not only later calls- (LP: #736176).
 - Added signal reconnection on engine restart for extensions (LP: #806967).
 - Added an "iteritems()" method to all enumerations (RelevantResultType,
   StorageState and ResultType).
 - Added a "from_timestamp(timestamp)" method to TimeRange.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
691167 #691167 The payload is sometimes mentioned as string and sometimes as array of bytes 6 Wishlist J.P. Lacerda  4 Won't Fix
736176 #736176 Python API: Methods which discover that the connection was lost retry after restarting Zeitgeist, but fail 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
806967 #806967 Python API: Signal reconnection for plain D-Bus signals is missing 4 Medium Siegfried Gevatter  10 Fix Released
660307 #660307 zeitgeist fails to run if its database structure is not complete 5 Low J.P. Lacerda  10 Fix Released
691690 #691690 DataSourceRegistry should have GetDataSourceForId method 5 Low Siegfried Gevatter  10 Fix Released
787691 #787691 error when there are no active extensions 5 Low Siegfried Gevatter  10 Fix Released
793181 #793181 typo in HACKING document 5 Low Stephanie Odok  10 Fix Released
783688 #783688 make sql connection more modular 6 Wishlist J.P. Lacerda  10 Fix Released
799199 #799199 zeitgeist.client: option to override Event class 6 Wishlist Siegfried Gevatter  10 Fix Released
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