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Common build-time dependencies for bzr ppas.

debhelper: At least 7.3.x is needed for pluggable buildsystem support, including integrated building of Python distutils setups for multiple Python versions - plus a backport from 7.4.3 to get the shebang lines in scripts correct. At least 8.1.x is needed for full support for building debug interpreter packages (this has not been backported for hardy (yet?) blocking a subvertpy update there).

distro-info: Required by bzr-builddeb
distro-info-data: Required by distro-info

pydoctor: Used by something I can't remember right now. subvertpy?

python-backport-helper: This is custom trickery to enable a source package targetted at dh_python2 to fall back to dh_pysupport or dh_pycentral on older releases.

python-defaults: These python-defaults packages are just slightly tweaked to satisfy the typical Build-Depends of a dh_python2-using package, and to depend on python-backport-helper to do the rest.

python-central-debhelper-sequence-addon: This package adds the debhelper sequence addon to enable "dh --with pycentral" to Hardy (it is included in python-central from Intrepid onwards)

shunit2: Required by distro-info

unittest2/lucid: Copy from maverick primary archive. For dulwich.

quilt: This backported version of quilt includes the quilt debhelper sequence addon to enable "dh --with quilt".

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:bzr/builddeps to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bzr/builddeps
sudo apt update
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This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Bazaar Developers.

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Overview of published packages

114 of 14 results
Package Version Uploaded by
cython 0.11.2-1~hardy1.1 Jelmer Vernooij ()
debhelper 8.1.2ubuntu1~bazaar1~lucid1 Max Bowsher ()
debhelper 7.3.15ubuntu1~bazaar1~hardy2 Max Bowsher ()
distro-info 0.8.2~bazaar1~lucid1 Max Bowsher ()
distro-info-data 0.10 no signer ()
distro-info-data 0.10 no signer ()
pydoctor 0.3+bzr567-1 no signer ()
python-backport-helper 5~lucid1 Bazaar Developers ()
python-backport-helper 4~hardy1 Jelmer Vernooij ()
python-central-debhelper-sequence-addon 0.6.8~bazaar1~hardy1 Max Bowsher ()
python-defaults 2.6.6-3really2.6.5-0ubuntu1pbh1 Max Bowsher ()
quilt 0.46-7~hardy1 Max Bowsher ()
shunit2 2.1.6-1 no signer ()
unittest2 0.4.2-1 no signer ()
114 of 14 results

Latest updates

  • python-backport-helper 613 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • distro-info 613 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • distro-info-data 613 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • distro-info-data 613 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • shunit2 613 weeks ago
    Successfully built