Upcoming work for Canonical Kernel Distro Team

Work items due in 2016-10-20

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-16.10

There are 1 Blueprint work items and 4 Bugs due in 2016-10-20 which are assigned to members of this team.

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
Add "Classes: bare-metal" to all linux* source flavors Andy Whitcroft Todo
Bug #1612790: Provide kernel.perf_event_paranoid sysctl level 3 linux in Ubuntu Tim Gardner Undecided Fix Committed
Bug #1611038: [Yakkety] Enable CONFIG_INTEL_VBTN linux in Ubuntu Tim Gardner Medium In Progress
Bug #1585742: [ubuntu 16.10] Enable perf to probe and record on SDT events present in binaries linux in Ubuntu Tim Gardner Undecided In Progress
Bug #1250109: Please use dpkg-triggers linux in Ubuntu Andy Whitcroft Wishlist Triaged