Upcoming work for Canonical Kernel Distro Team

Work items due in 2015-04-30

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-15.04

There are 15 Blueprint work items and 5 Bugs due in 2015-04-30 which are assigned to members of this team.

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
Announce kernel version and configs near kernel freeze Leann Ogasawara Todo
Update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/ABIPackages for Vivid Leann Ogasawara Todo
Update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Support for vivid Leann Ogasawara Todo
configuration review for Utopic for Final Kernel Andy Whitcroft Todo
DKMS review for Final Kernel Andy Whitcroft Todo
btrfs ramp-up and testing Colin Ian King In progress
Generic Xen stable/security maintenance Stefan Bader In progress
Xen-4.5 update/merge for Vivid Stefan Bader Done
Look into syncing/merging latest dahdi-linux, dahdi-tools, and dahdi-firmware from Debian in Vivid Stefan Bader Done
look at a 64kernel meta package for 32bit Andy Whitcroft Todo
confirm that a 64bit kernel can/cannot call into 32bit EFI Canonical Kernel Distro Team Todo
test that installing a 64bit kernel on 32bit install Andy Whitcroft Todo
help ricardo on checking which kernel changes are needed in v3.4 kernels for bluez5 support Andy Whitcroft Todo
review (and integrate?) kernel changes for bluez5 for v3.4 kernels Canonical Kernel Distro Team Todo
merge initramfs-tools (not a blocker for systemd, and 0.108 caused some regressions in Debian) Andy Whitcroft In progress
Bug #1434579: Unable to install VirtualBox Guest Service in 15.04 linux in Ubuntu Andy Whitcroft High Fix Released
Bug #1386831: Add futex testing for the kernel linux in Ubuntu Brad Figg Undecided Fix Released
Bug #1439706: FFE: Ubuntu FAN networking support (for linux, iproute2 and ubuntu-fan) linux in Ubuntu Andy Whitcroft High Fix Committed
Bug #1441106: 3.19.0-12.12 brightness regression linux in Ubuntu Andy Whitcroft High Triaged
Bug #1438651: devel: consider shortening package name (only) to remove the .0 linux in Ubuntu Andy Whitcroft Low Triaged