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Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
mysql-dfsg-5.1 Ubuntu Lucid 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.9 2011-01-17 sparc
openssh Ubuntu Maverick 1:5.5p1-4ubuntu5 2011-01-07 None
openssh Ubuntu Lucid 1:5.3p1-3ubuntu5 2011-01-07 None
mailman Ubuntu Hardy 1:2.1.9-9ubuntu1.2 2010-12-14 None
openvpn Ubuntu Hardy 2.1~rc7-1ubuntu3.6 2010-12-14 None
gurlchecker Ubuntu Karmic 0.11-2ubuntu0.1 2009-11-07 None
gurlchecker Ubuntu Lucid 0.11-2ubuntu1 2009-11-07 None
clamav Ubuntu Dapper 0.95.2+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1~dapper1 2009-09-03 None
clamav Ubuntu Hardy 0.95.2+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1~hardy1 2009-09-03 hppa
clamav Ubuntu Intrepid 0.95.2+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1~intrepid1 2009-09-03 None

PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
php-apc php5 ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 3.1.13-1ubuntu0~lucid1+cemc2 2013-02-26 None
php-memcached php5 ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.2-2ubuntu0~lucid1+cemc1 2013-02-24 None
php-suhosin php5 ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 0.9.33-3build1~lucid1+cemc1 2013-02-24 None
libmemcached php5 ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 0.44-1.1build1~lucid1+cemc1 2013-02-24 None
php-mcrypt php5 ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 5.4.6-0ubuntu1~lucid1+cemc1 2013-02-24 None
php5 php5 ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 5.4.9-4ubuntu1~lucid1+cemc1 2013-02-24 None
php5 testing ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1~lucid1+cemc2 2013-02-22 None
byobu testing ppa - Ubuntu Lucid 5.30-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1 2013-02-01 None
sensors-applet testing ppa - Ubuntu Precise 3.0.0-0.2ubuntu1~precise1~cemc1 2012-12-28 None
linux kernel ppa - Ubuntu Hardy 2.6.24-31.100+cemc1 2012-03-30 None