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Packages in Debian make it nicely to the very latest of Ubuntu, if there is not a freeze, but not necessarily into the various production environments that one would like to see them in. So, this PPA is thought to perform a bit of the role that we consider to take for Debian. But it is not "just another backports". Also the packages that have not yet left experimental shall be found here.

This PPA contains packages related to medicine and bio-informatics.

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You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:debian-med/ppa to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

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This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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1024R/75DD1BE7 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Debian Med.

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Overview of published packages

175 of 88 results
Package Version Uploaded by
ball 1.4.0-2~natty2 Steffen Möller (2011-07-20)
ball 1.4.0-2~lucid2 Steffen Möller (2011-07-20)
bambamc 0.0.50-1ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-03-24)
bamtools 2.3.0+dfsg-2~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa1 Michael R. Crusoe (2014-09-26)
bamtools 2.2-0~316~raring1 Debian Med (2012-11-10)
bamtools 2.2-0~316~quantal1 Debian Med (2012-11-10)
bamtools 2.2-0~316~precise1 Debian Med (2012-11-10)
bedtools 2.17.0-1~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-11-06)
bedtools 2.16.1-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-03-22)
bedtools 2.16.1-1~lucid3 Carlos Borroto (2012-03-22)
bedtools 2.12.0-1~natty1 Charles Plessy (2011-06-08)
biomaj 1.1.0-2~lucid1 osallou (2011-06-08)
biomaj-watcher 1.0-0~lucid1 osallou (2011-06-08)
bioperl 1.6.901-1~lucid1 Charles Plessy (2011-06-17)
boost1.49 1.49.0-3~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-06-11)
bowtie2 2.0.2-1~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-11-06)
bwa 0.7.12-1ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-03-24)
bwa 0.6.2-1~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-06-22)
cufflinks 2.0.1-1~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-06-16)
cufflinks 1.3.0-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-01-10)
d-shlibs 0.58~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa1 Michael R. Crusoe (2014-09-26)
debhelper 8.0.0~~lucid1 Charles Plessy (2011-05-20)
ensembl 62-2~ubuntu1 Steffen Möller (2011-06-23)
fastqc 0.10.1+dfsg-1~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-12-10)
fastx-toolkit 0.0.13-1~natty1 Charles Plessy (2011-05-14)
freediams 0.6.2-oneiric2 Eric Maeker (2011-12-27)
freediams 0.6.2-natty1 Eric Maeker (2011-12-27)
freediams 0.6.2-maverick2 Eric Maeker (2011-12-27)
freemedforms 0.6.0-oneiric1 Eric Maeker (2011-12-27)
freemedforms 0.6.0-natty1 Eric Maeker (2011-12-27)
freemedforms 0.6.0-maverick1 Eric Maeker (2011-12-27)
freemedforms 0.6.0-lucid1 Eric Maeker (2011-12-27)
freemedforms-project 0.9.0-raring1 Eric Maeker (2013-09-22)
freemedforms-project 0.9.0-quantal1 Eric Maeker (2013-09-22)
freemedforms-project 0.9.0-precise1 Eric Maeker (2013-09-22)
libgtextutils 0.6-1~natty3 Charles Plessy (2011-05-14)
libjbzip2-java 0.9.1-3~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-12-06)
libmems 1.6.0+4725-1ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-04-20)
libmuscle 3.7+4565-0ubuntu2 Andreas Tille (2015-04-20)
libquazip 0.4.4-precise1 Eric Maeker (2012-06-29)
libzeus-jscl-java 1.72-1ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-04-27)
mafft 6.864-1~precise1 Charles Plessy (2012-06-16)
mauve-aligner 2.4.0+4734-0ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-05-20)
microbegps 1.0.0-0ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-05-06)
mrbayes 3.1.2-3~natty2 Steffen Möller (2011-10-12)
mrbayes 3.1.2-3~lucid2 Steffen Möller (2011-10-12)
mummer 3.23~dfsg-3ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-04-16)
murasaki 1.68.6-0ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-04-16)
nlopt 2.3+dfsg-1~precise1 Gert Wollny (2013-03-20)
permute 0.6-3-0~natty1 Charles Plessy (2011-11-18)
picard-tools 1.80-1~precise1 Carlos Borroto (2012-12-06)
prodigal 1:2.6.1-1~ubuntu14.10.1~ppa1 Michael R. Crusoe (2015-01-27)
progressivemauve 1.2.0+4713-1ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-05-20)
pvclust 1.2-2-1~natty2 Charles Plessy (2011-08-14)
python-matplotlib-venn 0.11-0ubuntu1 Andreas Tille (2015-05-06)
r-base 2.14.1-1oneiric0 Michael Rutter (2012-02-21)
r-bioc-biobase 2.12.1-1~natty1 Charles Plessy (2011-05-15)
r-bioc-cummerbund 1.1.3-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-bioc-edger 2.2.5-1~natty1 Charles Plessy (2011-06-03)
r-bioc-limma 3.8.2-1~natty1 Charles Plessy (2011-06-02)
r-cran-digest 0.5.1-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-cran-ggplot2 0.8.9-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-cran-plyr 1.7.1-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-cran-proto 0.3-9.2-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-cran-reshape 0.8.4-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-cran-reshape2 1.2.1-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-cran-rsqlite 0.11.1-1~oneiric2 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
r-cran-stringr 0.6.0-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2012-02-21)
rpy 1.0.3-20oneiric0 Michael Rutter (2012-02-21)
samtools 0.1.18-1~oneiric1 Carlos Borroto (2011-12-29)
samtools 0.1.18-1~lucid1 Carlos Borroto (2012-03-21)
screed 0.7.1-1ubuntu1 Michael R. Crusoe (2014-09-26)
seaview 1:4.3.0-1~natty1 Charles Plessy (2011-07-29)
sga 0.10.13-1 Michael R. Crusoe (2014-09-26)
shim 0.1.1-1ubuntu2~maverick Jeff Buchbinder (2011-04-21)
175 of 88 results

Latest updates

  • mauve-aligner 6 days ago
    Successfully built
  • progressivemauve 6 days ago
    Successfully built
  • trimmomatic 7 days ago
    Successfully built
  • microbegps 3 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • python-matplotlib-venn 3 weeks ago
    Successfully built