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This is Thomas Dreibholz's software repository. It contains the following packages:
- rsplib - The Open Source implementation of Reliable Server Pooling (RSerPool)
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/rserpool/
- sctplib/socketapi - An userland SCTP implementation
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/sctplib/
- subnetcalc - An IPv4/IPv6 subnet calculator
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/subnetcalc/
- netperfmeter - A network performance meter for UDP, TCP, SCTP and DCCP
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/netperfmeter/
- hipercontracer - High-Performance Connectivity Tracer
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/hipercontracer/
- bibtexconv - A BibTeX entry export tool
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/bibtexconv/
- slideshow - A XHTML/JavaScript slideshow generator
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/slideshow/
- fractgen - A simple fractal generator based on Qt 4.x
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/fractalgenerator/
- rtpaudio - RTP real-time audio streaming system ("RTP Audio NextGen")
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/rtpaudio/
- wireshark+svn - A package of the Wireshark SVN source
URL: http://www.wireshark.org/develop.html
- tsctp - SCTP test tool
URL: https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/tsctp/

Some details on RSPLIB/Reliable Server Pooling:
RSerPool is a framework for server pool management and access. It is an IETF standard, which has been developed by the IETF RSerPool Working Group and documented in RFC 5351 to RFC 5356. From the programmer's perspective, a pool is mainly seen as a highly available server. RSerPool realizes a Session Layer in the OSI model. The API to access this Session Layer is very similar to TCP/IP socket programming, so using RSerPool functionalities in own programs is quite easy. See https://www.nntb.no/~dreibh/rserpool/ for more details on the RSPLIB project!

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dreibh/ppa
sudo apt update
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deb https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/dreibh/ppa/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
deb-src https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/dreibh/ppa/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
Signing key:
1024R/8A8EAF3E2F2E3BB5C75F48C1CCEB82DF916C56E0 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Thomas Dreibholz.

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atlasmns-trace 0.4.10-1ubuntu~noble1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
atlasmns-trace 0.4.10-1ubuntu~mantic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
atlasmns-trace 0.4.10-1ubuntu~lunar1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
atlasmns-trace 0.4.10-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
atlasmns-trace 0.4.10-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
atlasmns-trace 0.4.9-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
atlasmns-trace 0.4.7-1ubuntu~xenial1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bibtexconv 1.3.6-1ubuntu~noble1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bibtexconv 1.3.6-1ubuntu~mantic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bibtexconv 1.3.6-1ubuntu~lunar1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bibtexconv 1.3.6-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bibtexconv 1.3.6-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bibtexconv 1.3.6-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bibtexconv 1.1.19-1ubuntu1~disco1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bm 1.14.0+g202103291201~5cdc57-1ppa~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bwm-ng 0.6.3+td4-1ubuntu~xenial1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bwm-ng 0.6.3+td4-1ubuntu~trusty1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bwm-ng 0.6.3+td4-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bwm-ng 0.6.3+td4-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bwm-ng 0.6.3+td4-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bwm-ng 0.6.3+td3-1ubuntu1~precise1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
bwm-ng 0.6.3~td1.1-1ubuntu1~disco1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
cfengine3 3.7.4~td0001-1ubuntu1~xenial1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
cfengine3 3.7.4~td0001-1ubuntu1~trusty1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
dia 0.98+git20181020135049~89d12707-0ubuntu1~xenial1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
dia 0.98+git20181020135049~89d12707-0ubuntu1~bionic1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
ffmpeg 7:3.2-1001 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fling 2.2.19-1ubuntu1~xenial1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fling 2.2.19-1ubuntu1~trusty1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fling 2.2.19-1ubuntu1~bionic1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fling-server 1.0.13-1ubuntu1~xenial1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fling-server 1.0.13-1ubuntu1~trusty1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fling-server 1.0.13-1ubuntu1~bionic1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.14-1ubuntu~noble1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.14-1ubuntu~mantic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.14-1ubuntu~lunar1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.14-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.14-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.14-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.8-1ubuntu1~disco1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.1.4-1ubuntu2~trusty1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
fractgen 2.0.19-1ubuntu1~precise1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hencsat 1.1.9-1ubuntu~xenial1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hencsat 1.1.9-1ubuntu~noble1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hencsat 1.1.9-1ubuntu~mantic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hencsat 1.1.9-1ubuntu~lunar1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hencsat 1.1.9-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hencsat 1.1.9-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hencsat 1.1.9-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hipercontracer 1.6.10-1ubuntu~mantic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hipercontracer 1.6.10-1ubuntu~lunar1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hipercontracer 1.6.10-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hipercontracer 1.6.10-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hipercontracer 1.6.10-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hipercontracer 1.4.7-1ubuntu1~disco1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
hipercontracer 1.2.2~rc1.2-1ubuntu1~trusty1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
iproute2 5.10.0-4-3+g202104111703~b0670407-1ppa~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
iproute2 5.10.0-4-3+g202104111703~b0670407-1ppa~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libneat 1.0.5-1ubuntu~noble1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libneat 1.0.5-1ubuntu~mantic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libneat 1.0.5-1ubuntu~lunar1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libneat 1.0.5-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libneat 1.0.5-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libneat 1.0.5-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libusrsctp 1.0.0~td134-1ubuntu~xenial1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libusrsctp 1.0.0~td134-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libusrsctp 1.0.0~td134-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libusrsctp 1.0.0~td134-1ubuntu~bionic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libusrsctp 1.0.0~td132-1ubuntu1~trusty1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
libusrsctp 1.0.0~td132-1ubuntu1~disco1~ppa0 Thomas Dreibholz ()
melodic-nornet 1.1.9-1ubuntu~noble1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
melodic-nornet 1.1.9-1ubuntu~mantic1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
melodic-nornet 1.1.9-1ubuntu~lunar1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
melodic-nornet 1.1.9-1ubuntu~jammy1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
melodic-nornet 1.1.9-1ubuntu~focal1 Thomas Dreibholz ()
175 of 241 results

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