Team participation for Eduardo Alberto Calvo

Eduardo Alberto Calvo is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Extreme Tux Racer Team 2012-11-15 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Beta Testers 2012-07-02 Member
Launchpad Development mailing list 2012-11-27 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Translators 2012-07-02 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Users 2012-07-25 Member Subscribed
Magento OpenERP (5.0-6.1) Community 2013-01-24 Member Subscribed
Mahara Spanish Translators 2012-11-15 Member
OpenERP Community (OBSOLETE) 2012-11-13 Member
OpenERP Spain Team 2012-11-28 Member
OpenERP Training Community 2012-11-13 Member
Openerp Argentina Translation Team 2012-06-18 Member Subscribed
Spanish translation team for Linux Mint 2012-06-18 Member
Ubuntu Accomplishments Contributors 2012-07-19 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Classroom ES 2013-01-30 Member
Ubuntu Latinoamérica 2012-07-02 Member
Ubuntu for Android 2012-06-20 Member Subscribed
emesene Spanish Translators 2012-11-15 Member
openpetraorg Spanish translation 2012-11-29 Member Subscribed