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This is my personal PPA. It includes various stable updates, backports, and miscellaneous other packages for Ubuntu, and its derivatives. This PPA also contains various packages not found in the official Ubuntu repositories, nor in any other PPA I could find. Some are packages others or myself have created in the past which were made into Debian form, but which lack proper source files. Also included here are updated packages I use from other PPAs. As it is often only a package or two used inside these other PPAs, it is easier for me, and less risky, to simply copy them to my own PPA rather than to add those PPAs to my sources.list.

Again, these are stable packages, at least as much as they can be, and are just fine on several machines I use or have installed for others. Only 'customizations' and 'minieye' are not usable on any machine (they are customized for a machine using 'me' as the username).

To add this repository, open a terminal window and type the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:inameiname/stable
sudo apt-get update

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:inameiname/stable to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:inameiname/stable
sudo apt-get update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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1024R/384096C065A6A7D152B55617A9354FC3596D88FE (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact inameiname.

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Overview of published packages

164 of 64 results
Package Version Uploaded by
bleachbit 1.12-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-08-29)
bleachbit 1.12-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-07-17)
burg 1.98+20100623-2.3 Nate Muench (Mink) (2016-07-17)
burg 1.98+20100623-2.3 Nate Muench (Mink) (2014-06-26)
burg-themes 1.98+20100623-2 Nate Muench (Mink) (2016-07-17)
burg-themes 1.98+20100623-2 Nate Muench (Mink) (2014-06-26)
clamtk 5.24-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2017-07-30)
clamtk 5.22-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-09-19)
clamtk-gnome 0.01-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-09-19)
clamtk-gnome 0.01-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-08-29)
cndrvcups-common 2.50-1-2~raring1 Michael (2016-07-17)
cndrvcups-common 2.50-1-2~raring1 Michael (2014-06-26)
cnijfilter-common 3.90-76~ubuntu14.04.1 Michael (2016-07-17)
cnijfilter-common 3.90-76~ubuntu14.04.1 Michael (2014-08-18)
customizations 4.4-1ppa4-inameiname4 inameiname (2017-07-31)
customizations 3.8-1ppa18-inameiname18 inameiname (2016-09-03)
customizations-mini 1.0-1ppa8~inameiname8 inameiname (2016-09-03)
dh-make 1.0-0.62-1ppa1~inameiname1 (Newer version available) inameiname (2016-07-17)
dh-make 1.0-0.62-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2014-07-03)
google-fonts 0.1+hg20111105-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-07-17)
google-fonts 0.1+hg20111105-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2014-06-26)
gstreamer-dbus-media-service 0.1.17-upstream-0ubuntu3~hardy~pgquiles2 Pau Garcia Quiles (2016-07-17)
gstreamer-dbus-media-service 0.1.17-upstream-0ubuntu3~hardy~pgquiles2 Pau Garcia Quiles (2014-06-28)
gstreamer0.10-gnonlin 0.10.17-2ubuntu1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-09-03)
gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse 0.10.21-1ubuntu3ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-09-03)
gtk-jzintv 0.1+hg20091102-3ppa6~inameiname6 inameiname (2016-07-17)
gtk-jzintv 0.1+hg20091102-3ppa6~inameiname6 inameiname (2014-06-26)
gtkdialog 2:0.8.3-1~trusty0 Daniel Baumann (2016-07-17)
gtkdialog 2:0.8.3-1~trusty0 Daniel Baumann (2014-06-27)
libcec 3.0.1-1~trusty Pulse-Eight (2015-10-27)
libnfs 1.6.0-0~ppa1~trusty (Newer version available) Wolfgang Schupp (2016-07-17)
libnfs 1.6.0-0~ppa1~trusty Wolfgang Schupp (2015-10-27)
macfonts 0.2-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-07-17)
macfonts 0.2-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2014-06-26)
minieye 3.3-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-07-17)
minieye 3.3-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2014-06-26)
nemo-copypaste-images 0.0.5-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-07-17)
nemo-copypaste-images 0.0.5-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-03-06)
nemo-hide 0.2.0-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2017-07-30)
nemo-sendto-clamtk 0.03-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-09-19)
nemo-sendto-clamtk 0.03-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-09-19)
ntm 1.3.1-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-07-17)
ntm 1.3.1-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2014-06-26)
pinguybuilder 4.3-8-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-08-29)
pinguybuilder 3.3-2ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2015-10-07)
plymouth-theme-earth-sunrise 2.0-1ppa2~inameiname2 inameiname (2016-09-19)
plymouth-theme-earth-sunrise 1.0-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2014-06-26)
randomize-lines 0.2.7ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-09-03)
remastersys 3.0.5-1~trusty1 mutse (2016-07-17)
remastersys 3.0.5-1~trusty1 mutse (2015-06-28)
remastersys-gtk 3.0.5-1~trusty1 mutse (2016-07-17)
remastersys-gtk 3.0.5-1~trusty1 mutse (2015-06-28)
scangearmp-common 2.10-33~raring1 Michael (2016-07-17)
scangearmp-common 2.10-33~raring1 Michael (2014-06-26)
shantz-xwinwrap 0.3-2~ppa~natty1 madnessmike (2016-07-17)
shantz-xwinwrap 0.3-2~ppa~natty1 madnessmike (2014-06-26)
udev-notify 0.1.3-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-07-17)
udev-notify 0.1.3-1ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2014-06-26)
viewnior 1.4-2trusty1 Juan Pablo Lozano (2014-06-27)
windows-like-icon-theme 3.0-1ppa2~inameiname2 inameiname (2016-08-29)
windows-like-icon-theme 2.4-1ppa2~inameiname2 inameiname (2014-06-26)
xc3028l-firmware 3.6-1ppa2~inameiname2 inameiname (2016-07-17)
xc3028l-firmware 3.6-1ppa2~inameiname2 inameiname (2014-06-26)
xresprobe 0.4.24ubuntu9ppa1~inameiname1 inameiname (2016-08-30)
164 of 64 results

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  • customizations 169 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • clamtk 169 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • nemo-hide 169 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • clamtk 214 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • nemo-sendto-clamtk 214 weeks ago
    Successfully built